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  1. Hi! I've used MightyMouse and the APE (Application Enhancer) in Snow Leopard, with some fooling around in the list files, to be able to use a larger mouse cursor, more suitable for southpaws like me. That worked pretty well, and also fails pretty well in OSX Lion. Since Unsanity/Haxie is completely inactive in the past few years I doubt there will be any change to this. So - is there a chance to get custom mouse cursors in Lion? Any developers here who know the internal workings of this? I really don't understand why it's currently not possible. (I would offer donating 100$ for this cause, if any developer might see this as an incensive to check it out and get it done)
  2. EFI vs. GUID vs. MBR vs. WTF?

    Hi Superhai! You just made my day, I can see the sun through the clouds. To apply the EFI_8 bootloader addition, do I need to use the startupdisk tool? If so, is there a command line option to nidicate that I want EFI-MBR instead of EFI-GUID, or will the tool have an interactive prompt? I'm just asking before I screw anything up. Many thanks, Lestat
  3. Hi! Hab ein Intel Core 2 Duo System mit P965 Chipsatz-Mainboard und einer SATA-Festplatte auf der Windows Vista schon installiert ist. Grundsätzlich hab ich von der Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD das System einrichten könne, hab aber diesen schönen Grafik-Boothänger seit dem Kombo-Update auf 10.5.2. Auch ein Tauschen der kexts und kernels hat mich nur so weit gebracht, dass ich jetzt nicht mehr über's Menü rebooten kann sondern der PC hängen bleibt. Musste das AppleCPUIntelPowermanagement.kext auch rausnehmen, da sonst der Boot mit einem HPET-Fehler abbrach. Hab damals Kalyway mit dem startupdisk-tool und boot1h bootloader installiert. Jetzt lese ich überall von diesem EFI 8.0, und versteh einfach nicht was es mit EFI zu tun hat. Auch eine Lektüre von netkas hinterlässt bei mir noch mehr Fragezeichen. Was ist EFI? Ein Bootloader als Alternative zu MBR-boot1h chain? Und kann ich das irgendwie installieren, und meine Partitionen beibehaltne? Ich möchte das existierende Windows Vista nicht neu installieren müssen. Leopard neu zu installieren wäre nicht so tragisch, aber ich hätte gerne am Ende die bestmögliche/kompatibelste Bootart. Hab auch keine Ahnung ob vanilla, mach_kernel, tohkernel oder speedstep hier am besten ist - gibt viel zu viele Alternativen, und ich hätte gerne einfach eine best-funktionierende. ;-)
  4. EFI vs. GUID vs. MBR vs. WTF?

    Hi! I did browse through netkas.org a lot. As much as I appreciate his work, I hate his writing skills. His tutorials make no sense at all to me, they expect you to already know everything. What I need to know: - Do I Need that EFI stuff? Is it required for 10.5.2? - Is EFI a bootloader? Or a partition type? Or does it flash the ROM of my graphics card / BIOS? - Can I run MacOS and Vista (without re-installing vista) side by side with that EFI method? - Can I install the EFI bootloader(?) using the startupdisktool on an existing Leopard installation, or do I need to completely reinstall? I'd really appreciate a link or small text that explains the basics of what EFI and GUID is, and how they all play together with MBR and partitions. :-)
  5. Hi! I managed to install Kalyway 10.5.1 on my machine (P965 chipset, Core2Duo, SATA HDDs, GF7950GT), even though some minor issues remain. After the first DVD boot I had bootmanager trouble and needed to reconfigure a lot of stuff, and needed to call the "startupfiledisk" command myself. There I could choose between boot0 boot1h, boot1u and efi drivers. I chose boot1h, because that was most common in all tutorials I read. I am now wondering, what did I miss in the kalyway installer? I figure from some tutorials that there should've been an intermediate step where I could choose that through menus? What's the difference with the EFI bootloader vs. MBR/GUID and those boot0/chain0 methods? Is the EFI_v8 stuff in some way preferrable? Regards, Lestatx86