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  1. Again after 1 year, well i have tried macOS 10.12 beta 1, looks smooth & more polished than OS X 10.11 even at this early stages. Lets see how things pan out in the future.
  2. Looks like things have changed, thanks mate for the info. Well i have tried OS X 10.11 beta 1, looks smooth & more polished than OS X 10.10 even at this early stages. Lets see how things pan out in the future.
  3. @ Timewalker75a Can you just share your DSDT ? As i am planning to dig into my DSDT after a long time and i want to know whether there are any new optimizations in the code or new patches. @ Webcivilian Hey can you share your L702x kexts and DSDT
  4. Hello Everyone, I am back to OS X after a long time, before digging in, i just want to know are there any updates to our DSDT with new patches or optimizations ? If yes can someone upload the new DSDT as i want to have a look into it. Secondly has anyone tried OS X 10.11 El Capitan ? if yes can anyone let me know memory consumption on our system.
  5. Hello Everyone, After longtime time just checked out OS X on my XPS 17, looks like OS X turned into resource hogger.I really don't know the reason behind this and i don't know why apple not working on reducing the memory footprint where as Microsoft reducing memory consumption with every new update to its existing OS base. Checkout the pics in order to have a better understanding how memory management working in OS X and Windows. Please leave your comments and feedback on this issue. Windows 7 SP1 RTM Windows 8.1 RTM Windows 8.1 RTM Update
  6. Has anyone tried OS X 10.10 ? if you guys have tried it, can someone post the memory management ( i mean ram consumption on the new os) Pic. I just want to know the ram consumption and processes loaded on the second boot at idle. cheers
  7. i am no longer interested in os x, i haven't used os x in last 8-9 months. I am happy with my customized versions of Windows 7. So i have no idea whether camera works on os x 10.9.2 or not. AFAIK os x 10.9 is a buggy release, one of my friends who works in apple R&D shared his views with me and suggested me to simply wait for os x 10.10. So i would say is stick with os x lion 10.7.5 which is optimized and stable release from apple. os x 10.8 & os x 10.9 are big failures just like vista for msft. regards
  8. Kext Wizard problem item item 2 Item 3 always arises after 1 or 2 usuages, the solution for this is delete the existing app completely and extract the kext wizard app freshly from the archive, it will work for couple of times. So always keep kext wizard archive safely, whenever you face the problem extract freshly. i dont know the logic behind this but it works.
  9. Check out Memory Management or Ram Usage at Idle on 10.6.8, 10.7.5, 10.8.5 & 10.9. Mavericks is one of the worst release ever from apple, can be compared with Windows Vista ( Slow, Laggy, worst memory management, resource hogger and what not) I would recommend to stick with OS X Lion 10.7.5 as its the best iteration available with proper optimization, anyway we would be playing with OS X 10.10 Developer Previews around April 2014, So just wait for few more months.
  10. There are 2 different DSDT's ( As everyone knows one is stock DSDT with Nvidia code and another one is Nvidia OFF) in my kext pack but both are based on my work. Only thing is both DSDT's includes few patches from Webcivilian, may be he can explain better what he patched. As far as i know he changed HDEF layout id, BIF code for AppleSmartBattery etc.
  11. Well i have applied dual link patch under IGPU section. you can find it easily at the start of the IGPU section.
  12. @ Webcivilian Does the new Nvidia off DSDT working on your system without the device properties ? Well its fine on my system.
  13. Try this custom chameleon bootloader, which should solve boot0 boot1 problem. if you are still having the problem then try this method in this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/273500-os-x-mountain-lion-install-guide-for-dell-xps-17-l702x-optimus/page-37?do=findComment&comment=1929066 Chameleon-2.2svn-r2246.zip