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  1. iAtkos v7 instalation issues

    Looking further into this myself I now know its a RTC error and have this further info I have discovered that this is a problem with the Phenom II 550 x2 and according to this site http://www.hackint0sh.org/f181/79364.htm I need to use the command "busratio=16" to fix it Will report back on if it works or not
  2. First of all I'm a complete noob here and I don't have a clue what I'm doing so please be gentle. I'm trying to install leopard on my new computer, Phenom II x2 550, GA-M720-US3, 4850, 3gb ram So I took a stab and saw that the iAtkos v7 disk was AMD compatible I thought I'd give it a try. But when I boot the disk I get this How do I fix this, or does anyone have any recomendations on where to start when trying to install leopard on my system that may be easier than this? Thanks
  3. I've tried to install uphuck 10.4.9(1.4)i on my computer, I'm able to go through the full instalation without a problem, but then I can't boot from the partion. I've tryed marking it as a boot drive but this didnt help. Any Ideas on how to get it working. Pentium 4 2.0 solo (SSE2 only) nvidia MX2 series Unknown chipset (btw, i cant run leopard at all because i only have 256mb of memory )
  4. Not sure if this is posted in the right area but anyways. Im looking into getting a netbook at the moment but was wondering which one is the best for installing OSX on, I noticed that the Wind has a custom install disk, but still has problems, are any of them working well (with wifi being the main focus) and if so what do people think the best netbook is in the cheaper end (atom, decent battery life, <20gb ssd or hdd etc.) Thanks in advance
  5. Can you Run OSX straight off a cd

    Thanks ill try this out
  6. Can you Run OSX straight off a cd

    no i was really meaning that could i have OSX on the USB so it booted when the USB was plugged in but then when it was disconnected my laptop would automatically run XP? I'm not a serous programmer (struggle to make space invaders in VB) would this live CD be difficult to make and would it boot XP when not plugged in (external cd drive :censored2: ), is it just a different way of doing the USB thing? Thanks
  7. As the topic says, I was just wondering if you could save some hassle and just run Mac as the virtual system through Windows or is this just me dreaming here? If this is possible could someone please tell me how? Thanks
  8. Does this information apply to the Latitude series as well?
  9. Can you Run OSX straight off a cd

    if i installed it on a USB then could i set it up to auto load windows if it isnt inserted
  10. Hey, I don't think its possible but can you load Tiger off the disk straight onto the computer. I have a school laptop where we aren't meant to have a new os running on it so if I could do this and if there was no disk inserted could i make it so it automaticly runs XP. If not can you run it as a virtual system? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Would this apply to a Dell Latitude D430 or its it too slow? if so what would be different
  12. The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86

    Thanks Gabe And a big thankyou to pcwiz for putting everything together, this make is easy for me to understand as a non programmer and I want to try this ..... when i get a computer fast enough to support this (damn u 7 year old PC with 2000). Just to confirm, You can't just boot from the cd and then just boot windows all other times. (school laptop where school doesn't want us to install a new OS)and can i run it inside windows otherwise (i'm allowed to do this) Thanks all you've done a great job
  13. The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86

    In other words can u rectify your windows system if it doesnt work or does it permanatly change the computer. Is there any posibility of an update fo this that doesnt require a cd booted.
  14. The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86

    What happens if it goes horribly wrong