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  1. Belkin N Wireless USB Adaptor F5D8053

    FYI: everything was solved when I followed nakatomy's advice and "downgraded" from the latest 10.6 drivers available from ralinktech.com to the older 10.5 drivers he linked to.
  2. Belkin N Wireless USB Adaptor F5D8053

    Same problem here. Freshly built rig (10.6.0): Gigabyte G31M-ES2L (Q9400) ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 4870 Belkin wireless-N USB Dongle (F5D8053) Everything's working great except the wireless will drop out after a while of inactivity. The only way to re establish connection is to unplug / replug the usb dongle.
  3. Discontinued

    Good news. I installed the MPIP103 share fixer that you linked and I can now connect and copy from both sides (MBP & hackintosh) with AFP/SMB etc. The only problem (and it's purely aesthetic) is that the icons for my shares (MBP & Time Machine) show up as generic PCs now, instead of the nice neat laptop icon & time machine icon. I'm sure this is just a matter of me changing an identifier somewhere, but I don't know where to begin looking for this. Do you have any suggestions? thanks for all your help!
  4. Programs crash unexpectedly

    I get the same message when I try to start iMovie. Toast titanium (8 & 9) and Time Machine backup browser also crash with seg faults when I launch them. Are you saying that you fixed your iMovie problem by addressing a printer driver issue? I have an epson cx6000 with the latest drivers and i'm wondering if this could be the problem thanks for your help
  5. Time Machine Issues...

    Did you ever solve this problem? I also am able to back up no problem, but time machine crashes when I try to open it to view my backups. I usually just wind up browsing it with Finder. I get a similar message from time machine after the crash: 4/2/08 3:01:32 PM com.apple.launchd[112] ([0x0-0x1d01d].com.apple.finder[268]) Exited abnormally: Segmentation fault I also get this message from Toast 9 & 8 when I try to run them: 4/2/08 3:10:17 PM com.apple.launchd[112] ([0x0-0x3b03b].com.roxio.Toast[512]) Exited abnormally: Segmentation fault My graphics card is an 8600GT with the nvidia 10.5.2 .kext's and nvinject 0.2.0 Full QE/CI support so i'm not sure what's wrong.
  6. I was having trouble with my USB keyboard at first, but then I realized I was being a dummy and I forgot to Enable USB keyboard support in the BIOS. After I enabled that, everything seemed to boot faster. Right now Zephyroth 10.5.2 r2 is installed and everything is working pretty well. The onboard LAN worked with iNoob's nForcEthernetDriver.kext, but for some reason local networking was a problem so i disabled the onboard lan, and put in a spare ethernet card I had (rtl-8169s-32) with the realtek 1000 drivers and everything works perfectly. Good luck, just know that everything has the potential to run (almost) smoothly once you work out the installation kinks.
  7. I have a hackintosh connected via ethernet to a time capsule, and MBP that connects wirelessly to the same time capsule. I can see the hackintosh in Finder from my MBP and connect via afp/smb etc no problems(using any method including command-k & the "connect to server" button under the shared section in the finder. The time capsule also shows up no problem. I can also connect to my MBP via afp/smb from my hackintosh if I hit command-k. I can even connect to the time capsule disk if I manually specify it. The problem is that from my hackintosh, I cannot see the time capsule or MBP in the shared section in the finder. Nothing is displayed. Is there a reason or why I can't see any shares from my Hackintosh connected via ethernet? Since the Hackintosh is connected directly to the time capsule, shouldn't it show up pretty easily? Is there a setting i'm overlooking? Thanks for any advice!
  8. Discontinued

    Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I can't seem to find the AFP share fixer and the search doesn't seem to be working for me right now... Let me try to articulate my problem a little bit better. Screen sharing works both TO and FROM the hackintosh. When I try to connect to the hackintosh from my MBP via SMB or AFP I get nothing. It just times out. When I try to connect to my MBP FROM my hackintosh, I get a message: "The text entered does not appear to be a recognized URL format. URLs should begin with afp://, at://, file://, ftp://, http://, https://, nfs://, smb:// cifs://, or vnc://" I'm definately entering "afp://" So I don't understand why it doesn't recognize it as a valid address. Is there some file somewhere that specifies the proper format of a URL?
  9. Discontinued

    Thanks for the great work iNoob! This driver works great(almost) on my GA-m55plus-s3g rev1.0 ! I can browse the web no problem, I can download 4gb+ torrents no problem! The one problem I do have though is with local networking. I have a 500gb Time Capsule that I use as my router and my desktop is connected via ethernet to the Time Capsule. I can see other wireless computers(I also have a Macbook Pro) on my network, but I cannot connect to them (yes file sharing/remote desktop management is all turned on). I can ping them, and get data back, but I cannot connect via afp or ssh. It says connection refused. I can also ping the desktop from my MBP. I know it's not a problem with my sharing settings, because I also have a wireless DWL-g122 dongle that i've tested on the system, and with the wireless dongle i'm able to connect and manage the desktop remotely. I'd also like to be able to connect to my time capsule to backup the system, but when connected via ethernet it cannot see the time capsule, only via wireless can it see the time capsule. Any ideas? How should I begin troubleshooting? Thanks for any advice!
  10. 10.5.2 stopped booting for me

    problem solved. I zero'd out the drive and then reinstalled HFS+ with mbr and it went flawlessly. Boots in 43 seconds from the time I hit enter at the boot options menu
  11. Hello everyone, I have a problem with a 10.5.2 partition that was working almost flawlessly two days ago. Quick system overview: mobo: GA-m55plus-s3g r1 (bios: F6) vidcard: nvidia 7900gs IDE0Master: 80gb (7k2) IDE IDE0Slave: Sony DL DVDRW IDE2: 36gb Raptor (10k) SATA IDE3: 74gb Raptor (10k) SATA IDE4: 300gb (7k2) SATA First of all, I had the system configured with XP on IDE2 & OSX86 on IDE3. Both booted and ran fine if I selected the startup hard drive manually in the bios. I didn't want to manually select everytime so I decided to install a bootloader. All of my driver updates were working rather well and I started getting overconfident installing things. I decided to load the efi-bootloader from the install disk to dual boot the system since I had heard that EFI was good and it was as easy as clicking it. Unfortunately I didn't really understand the process of installing the efi bootloader, and on my next reboot, it froze at the "Verifying DMI.... Update Sucess". Next I tried booting from my XP partition, and I got the NTLDR is missing error message. Okay. I so tried to boot from my XP cd, and fix the MBR, but that didn't work. So I figured I wanted to reinstall windows anyway, i'll just take this as an oppurtunity to do just that. Unfortunately when the XP Install disk asked me to reboot, I kept getting the NTLDR is missing error message. Finally I decided to try installing XP onto IDE0 Master and it installed fine, and I can boot XP no problem now. The problem I'm having is that i've tried reinstalling OSX on IDE3 maybe 6-7 times now and it still freezes at "Verifying DMI..." At first I thought it was because I was formatting the drives with a MBR rather than a GUID partition table, but that didn't seem to work. So I tried formatting it with a GUID partition table and that didn't work either. I tried doing a full format of the drve from my XP partition and then reformat it from the OSX install DVD and reinstall, but still nothing! I'm frustrated right now because I had it working perfectly! now I can't even get it to boot! How should I format my disk? Mac OSX Journaled w/ MBR? or with GUID partition table? Is there anything that i'm overlooking? thanks for any advice
  12. Alot of new developments since my last post. I couldn't get passed the "calibation failed" message so I reflashed the bios back to F6. (last one that I know worked for sure) I was able to get the ps2 keyboard working with Leo4all. I managed to get leo4all installed (after booting the dvd with the -x flag), and it booted fine, but slow. I installed nForcEthernetDriver.kext and got the internet working, but it would always freeze up immediately. For some reason the ps2 keyboard would work after leopard booted, but I could never use it at the command prompt (after booting with -s) to remove the nForcEthernetDRiver.kext that kept freezing the system, so I eventually tried booting the Zephyroth 10.5.2 r2 with the -x flag, and have gotten it to boot everytime, (although it takes about 10-15 minutes to actually boot). Zephyroth 10.5.2 r2 installed fine, and boots pretty fast (under a minute) I have a geforce 7900 gs that works okay with the bundled drivers, but sometimes the picture gets a little fuzzy. (any ideas?) Although it's fine on the next reboot. Sound works fine after including the drivers in the customize installation option. and best of all, nForceEthernetDriver.kext seems to work great with Zephyroth 10.5.2 r2 with my motherboard. I haven't tried downloading any large files yet though so that will be the real test. So far i've done about 1-2 hours of web browsing without any problems. I'll let you know if there are any new developments. So to answer the OP's question, Yes, the GA-m55plus-s3g can handle Zephyroth 10.5.2 r2 (as long as you boot the dvd with the -x flag) and it actually runs pretty well . Try flashing your bios to a previous version, I know F6 works fine for me, but there are probably several versions greater than F6 and less than F12 that work fine.
  13. I tried to boot the patched leo4all / zephyroth 10.5.2 rev2 dvds again when I got home and kept getting the "calibation failed" message. I decided to reflash my bios back to F6 and this got rid of the "calibation failed" message, but brought back the other ones. Once back to F6 I tried booting with different flags for an hour, -v -x -f and it would pretty much just freeze up randomly throughout the boot process although I did make it to the install screen once with the Zephyroth disk. It subsequently failed verification and it said to clean it and restart. At this point I tried to boot the leo4all dvd with the following arguments 'Platform=X86PC -v' and amazingly enough leopard started up! I got to the install page and it went without a hitch!!! At this point I rebooted and got a kernel panic on reboot. com.apple.GeForce & com.apple.NVDAResman are the modules implicated. I found this link: http://osx86.wikidot.com/known-issues#toc1 I rebooted w/ -s and found that it wasn't recognizing my ps2 keyboard. I went a few items down on that last list and began to follow directions for the "PS2 Mouse & Keyboard issue" problem, but once again found I wasn't able to boot the leo4all dvd, even with the command that worked before 'Platform=X86PC -v' i'm guessing it was just a coincidence that it booted the first time with those arguments. Now here I am, with leopard installed, no PS2 keyboard functionality, and I can't get the dumb DVD to boot again.
  14. Hi, here are my specs: CPU: Athlon 64 3800 (single core) Motherboard: GA-M55Plus-S3G r1.0(Bios version F13 was F6 before update) HDDs: Master IDE0: 80gb IDE (7200) Slave IDE0: Sony DL DVDr Master IDE1: 300gb IDE Master IDE2: 36gb (10k) - Primary XP Boot Partition Master IDE3: 74gb (10k) - Ideally where I would like OS X to be (although Master IDE0 is also acceptable) Master IDE4: 280gb (7200) Video Card: geforce 7900 GS On the first try to install, I got all the way to the install os x screen, and then it gave me the error message "No software found to install, please restart your computer". I thought this was because I skipped verification. I tried rebooting, and about the next 20-30 boots I got the "waiting for root device" error. I tried all possible combinations in my bios, turning everything off (Firewire, LAN, legacy USB support etc.), including all hard drives, except for my Master IDE0. I even tried with only SATA drives present. I tried swapping Master IDE0 & Slave IDE0, finally I set everything back to the way it was originally and it actually booted and I got the same "no software found to install error." Since then i've been getting the "waiting for root device" about 80% of the time, and the other 20% it will actually make it in to install. Kind of irritating. I finally decided to update my BIOS to F13 and now all I get is the same message that you are getting: EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH Using SMBIOS table found at 0x000fbdb0 Using ACPI RSDP revision 0 found at 0x000fa7c0 Hey we are going backwards! -> , restarting timing Hey we are going backwards! -> , restarting timing Calibation failed with 2 attempts I've tried with Zephyroth 10.5.2, Zephyroth 10.5.2 w/ medevil's updated AppleNforceATA kext's & Zephyroth 10.5.2 rev2, all give me the same results. I just got a copy of "Leo4all 10.5.2" from tpb and will try this when I get home from work today. Several people in the comments mention that this version worked well for them when Zephyroth rev1 & rev2 didn't, so i'm slightly optimistic. Have you figured anything out yet? i'll let you know how it goes. Btw> i've had 10.4 installed on the board and mostly everything worked fine (although this was more than a year ago so I don't remember exactly which version it was etc.)