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  1. Hello. Sorry for the "UP" but I think that should help some people. like digitalb0y, I couldn't get my PC-Keyboard back to normal in windows XP after installing the old bootcamp (1.1 I think) [i use this bootcamp because it fit me/my use of the Mac Pro] So If found this Topic, and read about the regedit stuff, and after 1hour of search, I finally found a weird solution : 1.0 - search and destroy : anything named "keymagic" in /Windows/* directory [i found 2 folder "002" and "003" contening the same files : keymagic.sys keymagic.inf keymagic.pnf and a folder i386, I deleted all of them including the folder.] 2.0 - go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts" (not Keyboard Layout, but the one with the "s") you will see a lot of folders, their name starts with three zero like : "00012345" or "00056789" ; Do not delete them. you will also see at the end, Folders begining with a "A" like : "a000748" or "a015486"; Delete them all. (there was 6 folders in mine) 2.5 - here the funny part : I was also trying a solftware called "Sharpkeys 1.1" who was remapping my keyboard and writing in the registry ... I was creating some keyboard mapping with the software... and I rebooted. So I dont, really dont know if this software has done something too... while rebooting... Just try without it 3.0 - So, you rebooted, and should works.. I dont know because I was having a last probleme : I'm a AZERTY Keyboard user 3.5 - now there is a high probability that you keyboard turned in to Qwerty; but is really simple to fix this : just go to the "Control Panel" > "regional and language options" > "Language" Tab > "Details..." button> * clic "add.." * choose your country * choose keyboard layout * clic OK now you should have 2 set of layout * From here I rebooted * delete the US layout (qwerty) and finally back to normal... huff ! ... --- I'm also sorry for the english, I'm not US nor UK hope that post help someone