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  1. David087

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to insanelymac.com
  2. David087

    Diablo III

    D3 release dates Q2 April 1st possible June 30th
  3. David087

    Diablo III

    Going to play it on my 27" iMac when I received the game, going to setup a hackintosh later on when I buy parts from my dad for one
  4. David087

    Want to Build Hackintosh Lion 10.7.3

    Thank you I will probably buy my dad's machine is a intel i7 920 with Asus Motherboard P6t Deluxe v2 and will put in a AMD Radeon 6870 Graphics Card Around March or whenever he his enough money to upgrade his system he is going with AMD chipset and I going to buy the intel i7 920 it makes a great hackintosh, Thank you for all the information anyway
  5. Would like to build a hackintosh like recommendations, CPU, and Motherboard, Memory, and would like a good graphics card I will be playing diablo III when is out on Mac OS X Lion, and I want to connect Apple Cinema Display to it is a 27" LED Mini Displayport it isn't the thunderbolt version would like list of hardware and prices I already have a 2TB, and 1TB Western Digital Drive so won't need that, I will get a DVD or Blu-ray drive most of them should work so won't need to list that. Thank You Very Much for your time, Would like some ideas
  6. David087

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    Looks great reallying liking the G5 Hackintosh Case
  7. I get a error is there a pic you saved and can post a link or something so I can see the 2012 mini Thanks
  8. chlywly did the solution I gave you help at all or figure out anything else so far?
  9. I have osx 10.5.2 V2 up and running but I need the sound drivers for the creative soundblaster xfi xtrememusic can some one give me a link for the driver for it thanks.