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    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    for anyone else in the same position I was - I just recently came across the thread and as I had already updated to ESX 5.1 and never ran Mac OS vm on it I jumped straight into the install without the patch since 5.1 was supposed to officially support it. I spent 2 days trying to get install going but would just get to the beach ball. I finally decided to use Donk's script and the install came up without issue at first start after reboot. So does not mean because 5.1 officially supports it that it will actually install (at least in my case it did not). I was using my Lion ESD install file. So run the patch if you stuck at that point instead of wasting time trying to get it going without the patch. Thanks Donk!
  2. Cobretti

    Please i need help!

    Hey Brucep Don't know if you're still stuck but I have an Acer 3050-1092 (AMD Sempron 3500+) which has been running Leopard for the past week. I too first had numerous problems getting it to see the HDD. I downloaded Zephyroths_Leopard-10_5_2-AMD-EFI-Rev2_IPM-BR_iso and this works great! This is the only iso I did not need to modify to see my SATA drive. iAtkos does not work at all and Leo4All also crashes before getting to install.
  3. Cobretti

    Dell E521 - Success!

    success on acer 3050 - e521 won't boot into Leopard - had to set XP partition to active to get system to boot at all. Leopard partition is 2nd on same disk as XP - tried chain0 but gives chain0 boot error....very happy about the laptop though
  4. Cobretti

    Dell E521 - Success!

    installing zeph's v2 now since it just downloaded today - initially was for my acer 3050 which I have been struggling with all week on iatkos and zeph's v1 - could never get it to load after a successful install - crapped out on ACPI errors so my E521 is about 20 minutes away from being a MAC and will try the acer next as soon as 2nd dvd is cut also getting leo4all just in case
  5. Cobretti

    NForce SATA Controller

    Awesome - I could not find anything to get my Acer 3050's SATA HDD to show up in Disk Utility as it has the Nforce 410/430 chipset. Just finished injecting this kext and now I can successfully see it!!! - damn now I won't get any sleep before work tomorrow
  6. Cobretti

    Injecting Drivers Into an Install DVD

    Thanks for this excellent guide!