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  1. still waiting for root device here as well xfx nforce 680i 2x250gig sata drives 1xHP litescribe DVD drive PATA (i think) Intel 6600 C2D 2GB RAM 512MB Geforce 8800GTS (and/or) 256MB Geforce 8600 (i'm aware i'm only supposed to have 1 of these connected) Tried iAtkos, IPC 10.5.6, Kalyway 10.5.2 I'm sure there'll be other problems with my system but the one i'm trying to solve here is 'still waiting for root device' which doesn't go away no matter what i try (bios settings, different configs of sata/ide connections, only 1 gfx card connected) I really want to try USB boot, do i qualify for DeFacto?
  2. Hey all Is there any solution yet for people with nfoce 680 chipsets and SATA dvd drives? i gave away my IDE dvd drive the other day in a freak incident of charity, is there any way around the sata drive problem so that i can sneak past 'Still waiting for root device'
  3. Hey all I'm looking for a high powered notebook to use for live visuals. I will be using it 50/50 in windows and mac os x. Preferably i want something with at least an nvidia 9700 or up. been looking at the new acer aspire 8930G. any suggestions comments? I was aiming to buy one of the new macbook pro's, but they're all pretty lame offerings, with mid-range discreet graphics and average specs across the board. was hoping for something with a bit of bite, and it seems the only way to get that is with a hackintosh!
  4. Any Visualists onboard?

    i'm interested in using modul8/vdmx5 on a hackintosh system so i'm glad to hear some positive results i couldn't get it running on my hackintosh tablet but that might be a gfx driver issue or something. p.s. for visualists running hackintoshes, i'd recommend vvvv for windows if you want to do anything complicated like you might in max/msp/jitter or quartz, vvvv packs the most features with a slicker implementation. as for more plug n play, i'd like to get into modul8 or vdmx so am interested to see what they offer. hopefully vvvv will become universal sometime so that the mac people can get in on the love.
  5. Constant Rebooting after kalyway install

    bump same problem here on the same platform i wouldn't be surprised if it was a vga problem in my system i've got 2 gfx cards installed which probably doesn't help things. will try taking one out i guess. (I guess that the type of people with this mobo are the type of people with SLI gfx. anybody else had success with 2 gfx cards?)