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  1. I have an Intel 82562v-2 network chipset. and if needed I will get a new network card. If so, which card is recommended to work. I heard that any with the Broadcom 440x chipset will work perfectly...
  2. I installed the retail leopard on a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop. I encountered the "transfer info from another mac" problem. I solved it by installing iatkos on a separate partition and transferring info from there. At this point everything is working properly except ETHERNET! Can someone plz lead to me to a kext, or some type of patch to fix it? Thanks in advance
  3. @ Usal Thank you very much. My frustration of figuring out how to boot the retail disk is finally over. To everyone else having issues, just use the basic generic.iso and add the kext mentioned above. just look it up on google, if you dont already have it. I loaded up the image with cpus=1 and -f thanks a lot ~Now I just need to get the installation correct, and hopefully I'll be set. P.S to all you noobs, the disk takes a while to boot up, so dont get discouraged
  4. So your saying that even though the disk is scratched up, since its able to get to the grey apple screen that not having disabler.kext is the issue. If so thanks
  5. @Bladerunner I think the problem may be that I am using a restore disk instead of a retail version. I have a retail version that boot up until the grey apple screen but then it tells me that my computer needs to restart. The disk is pretty old and scratched up. Is there anyway of getting a single layer iso online that will work like the retail version? aka torrents...
  6. The above specs are correct thanks Ursal. ok so i downloaded slimbuild gui from the internet, dont no the exact site b/c i downloaded at least 4 different types since none of them worked, it basically has all of the folders plus an install called the gui. I went to my hardrive extensions folder and literally copied every one into the extensions of the slimbuild. For the kernel i used mach_kernel.voodoo. I didnt see any use for the command prompt, since the gui installer did this for me. For the input sequence i used -f cpus=1 and -legacy. I tried -x -s -v basically all i could think of and differnet variations between those. Thanks in advance Forget I even talked about the inspiron 1525, at this point, i am not going to use it for this project. Just the inspiron e1505
  7. doing that had no effect. It just brought be back to the bootloader asking me to type in a number (82) there is something obviously wrong with the boot132 that ive made, as well as the boot 132's out there. They arent compatible with my system. Someone out there plz help me create an iso that is compatible. Ive read tons of threads, which all say the same thing. I have even tried the grub-dfe bootloader, but no luck. Can someone please make me a boot 132 iso for a dell inspiron e1505, if not then a inspiron 1525, either is fine. or point me in the write direction of how to successfully create my own. Slimbuild GUI didnt work...
  8. Ok so, I was able to create the iso image, the problem was that I had files in the folder before inserting them in with slimbuild GUI. But the disk turned out not even being bootable..I dont see how thats possible. Ive tried almost all of the boot 132 images that i could find. I have a dell inspiron e1505 laptop currently running iatkos v4. I have the voodoo kernel, and everything seems to work except for the s-video port, and a couple other things. Can anyone help me create a specified kext for that specific laptop? If not i plan on using InstaHackintosh, but i dont want to resort to that...
  9. mine says running slimbuild.sh in quiet verbosity mode its been doing this for a while now. Ive tried pretty much all of the iso's out there but i kept getting /library/preference/systemconfiguration/com/apple.boot.plist not found, so i resorted to this i took every item from my extensions folder and put it in the system to create the boot132 iso. Will that work out? I also used the mach_kernel.voodoo as well as my system boot plist...