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  1. Is there anything better than GT240 OOB?

    Thanks, is there anything faster than GT210 (for very-very-very lite gaming) ?
  2. Hi, I am looking for a new low-power low-cost graphics card, which will work OOB (or very close to it). (GT640 costs too much) The best option I've found is GT240. Is there anything better? (I'm using ML but it would be nice if Lion will be supported as well) Thanks
  3. I re-edited, please help (I can't find a solution by searching..) thanks
  4. Hi, Is it possible to choose usb legacy in bios and still use usb peripheral in 10.7.1 ? My OS is 10.7.1 and my motherboard is Intel DG31PR. (I can't use usb peripheral and I really need legacy support) Thanks
  5. Hi, How do I install my FireWire pci card? It dosn't show on system profiler under firewire (when it plugged in). My system: OS: 10.6.2 Hazard Motherboard: DG31PR Intel My FireWire card: Chipset: VIA VT6307 Model: Dynamode PCI-3PFW Thanks.
  6. Hi, After a successful installation of "Hazard 10.6.2", I went to "System Profiler" and then to the "FireWire" section, However, it says No FireWire ports were found (Although my FW card is plugged in) I also tried swithching kexts from 10.4.8, nothing changed. My FireWire Chipset: VIA VT6307 (model: "Dynamode PCI-3PFW") Motherboard: Intel DG31PR CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Graphics card: 9400GT How do I install my FireWire card? Thanks for your help mos86
  7. 4650/4670 with PC-EFI v10.6

    1.Will a model that works by another way than EFI 1.6 will work by the EFI 1.6 for sure? 2. Is it hard to Install EFI 1.6 or changing the framebuffer to shrike? Thanks.
  8. 4650/4670 with PC-EFI v10.6

    Thanks but I already saw that, my answer is not there.
  9. 4650/4670 with PC-EFI v10.6

    Hi, Will all of the 4650/4670 work with PC-EFI v10.6? If not, will any of the following work? 1. HIS 4650 1GB (H465FS1GP) 2. Power Color 4650 512MB (PO465512D2H) 3. Power Color 4650 512MB (AX4650512MD2-LHV2) 4. Power Color 4650 512MB silent (PO46551D2HS) 5. Power Color 4650 1GB (PO4651GD2) 6. Connect 3D 4650 512MB (C3D-HD4650-512D2E) 7. Sapphire 4650 512MB DDR3 (S465512D3) 8. Sapphire 4650 1GB DDR2 (S4651GD2) 9. Power Color 4670, 512MB, DDR3 (PO467512D3H) 10. Sapphire 4670, 512MB, DDR3 (S467512D3) 11. Sapphire 4670, 1GB, DDR3(S4671GD3) Thanks