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  1. Hi people I need some help to get into the Sierra installation, someone knows my real problem? I have two partitions, the first is a Mac and the other is Windows. This post has an image to my real problema, please help me I am new here!!! My computer is a AsusRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer (it has the USB 3.0 ports), and the CPU is a AMD Phenomen II X4.
  2. My computer is a PC with a CPU named AMD Phenom II X6. I am trying to install the famous Sierra in my Hard Drive but I have really problems. First, I was having the AppleUSBEHCI looping with RestartUSBBus and StopUSBBus over and over. I try the USB Fix from Shantee and I have a Kernel Panic, I use the USB Fix version 3 El Capitan and I don't have luck to enter. I know that many people had the same problem!!! Please help me to solve this error, thank you. My english is not so good, but I can understand!!!!
  3. Chicos necesito ayuda para poder entrar en la instalación del Sierra en mi PC. Mi PC tiene una CPU de AMD Phenom II X6 y el problema es que entra en un bucle AppleUSBEHCI con RestartUSBBus y StopUSBBus. He intentado instalar el pkg de Shantee USB Fix pero me para en un error de Kernel.