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  1. Dual boot with GRUB http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=6007#
  2. GRUB Dual Boot Guide Needed

    My system: Dell Inspiron 1100 with 2 GHz Celeron, 256 RAM, Intel Excelerated Graphics, 20 GB HD Have 10.4.3 DVD install with JaS and Maxxuss patch - see install guides I used spfdisk to wipe out previous partitions. Upgraded the bios to latest version to get better graphics. Used the MacOSx installer to partition the drive into two - first was MacOsx (journaled) second was FAT 32 Installed Osx on first partition. Used spfdisk to set second partition as active. Installed XP. Downloaded WinGrub and read documentation. Installed WinGrub on windows partition. When in WinGrub GUI, right click on menu list and select the edit option. Your menu list should appear as follows: title Windows at hd(0,1) root hd(0,1) chainloader +1 boot title OSx at hd(0,0) root hd(0,0) makeactive chainloader +1 boot Then go to file save. Close WinGrub and restart. You should see an OS selector window with options to boot OSx or XP. This method worked for me. I hope this helps -b