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  1. just to verify...Did you update from the original 10.12.2 image in the tutorial or was you install/reinstall using these later versions of macOS ?
  2. In the BIOS (hit F2 upon startup) there is an option under the power saving tab to turn it on/off.
  3. If you have a NVMe drive make sure you follow the "If you've a NVM SSD Drive" on the install guide. You'll have to make sure you place a kext or two in specific folders. Hope this helps.
  4. I switched over to Windows from OSX via Clover bootloader then came back to OSX and my settings stayed the same. Currently in use: womp 1 autorestart 0 halfdim 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage gpuswitch 2 networkoversleep 0 disksleep 10 sleep 10 (sleep prevented by mds) hibernatemode 0 ttyskeepawake 1 displaysleep 10 lidwake 1 Not sure why you some ppl are loosing their settings (or why I am retaining mine)...
  5. This is very interesting! Are you multibooting with clover when you enter into your Windows environment? How can one check to current state of their hibernatemode?
  6. Thanks for the tips. I went to the touch-base website and submitted a request for a driver. The proper driver should be match: Touchscreen Controller Elan MicroElectronics, 10 point, USB Operating System Mac OSX - Intel Driver Version 05:01:1482 Will update when I've evaluated it further.
  7. A few days worth of testing and mostly everything is nice and smooth. One thing I can report is Siri often times / sometimes does not work well once the computer is awaken from sleep. Behaves as if its getting verbal input/commands but the room is dead silent. On an unrelated note, does anyone know how to enable scrolling using the touchscreen? Ive tried holding down shift, alt, ctrl and even options while touching the screen but the only thing I am able to do is highlight and rigth-click (when holding the control eye).
  8. I know. I thought that my drive could have possibly used a different vendor's components. Which is not at all uncommon. It wasnt until i pulled the drive out and inspected each chips that I was absolutely sure. I believe this is the only way to know for sure.
  9. Well I kept at it all week and i was finally able to get my installation going. One thing I discovered is my Toshiba THNSN5256GPUK NVMe was NOT a hynix. One thing I did was totally ditch Pandora's Box and create my own bootdisk the right way. That combined with doing a lot of reading and reread finally shook something loose. But let me say this system/install/wiki is amazing. Very pleased with how it turned out. Thanks to WmChris for taking the time and energy to put this together. Im hooked!
  10. KYBOSH

    Pandora's Box III

    Im using Pandora's v3.035 and for some reason whenever my EFI folder is created it comes out as read-only. Anyone know what that's about? http://imgur.com/a/20WuQ
  11. Thank you for pointing towards the reasons for the iMac SMBIOS. Appreciate your help guidance in this enterprise. Just to be clear, I only opened the plist with Ares for informational purposes only. I do not use such software to edit them.
  12. This screenshot is from the Are's Bootloader configuration screen. Ares is part of the P*nd*r*'s B*x software.
  13. Hey fella I was looking at the config file you have posting in the master here: https://github.com/wmchris/DellXPS15-9550-OSX/tree/master/10.12/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Can you help me understand why you choose the SMBIOS for the iMac rather for the MBPro? Thanks!
  14. Sorry I had a brain fart. I haven't even gotten to that thread yet. I replied your post by mistake.
  15. KYBOSH

    16GB USB Stick... how vital is the size?

    "Versions prior to 10.11 fit on an 8GB drive. 10.11 and later can require a larger drive." -They Who Shall Not Be Named