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  1. labria

    Eliminate Menu Bar Transparency

    Man, he has a 1.5Ghz PowerBook. It's not considered "older PowerBook" yet, and it does have both QE and CI!
  2. labria

    Eliminate Menu Bar Transparency

    And how's overall performance on your powerbook? I have almost the same config, i'm wondering if i should install Leo or stick to the well-working Tiger install?
  3. labria

    OS X 10.4.9 Released

    Funny for you, quite surprising for me. I had no idea we had any Ā«modem problemsĀ» here in Russia. I actually used it once or twice when my DSL went down and i really needed to get online.
  4. labria

    Linux AD by Redhat

    Superb ad. Thanks!
  5. labria

    So where do deleted topics go?

    I would suggest /dev/null, but this is way too sad and fatalistic. The Great Forum Above, maybe?
  6. labria

    New 12" MacBook Pro "Ultra-Thin"?

    That's nice. I love my PB 12" very much, but it wont last forever, and no adequate replacement was to be seen. Good news, thank you! ^^
  7. labria

    your opinion about Russia?

    A tour, maybe yes. But not to live in =)
  8. labria

    your opinion about Russia?

    Big country on its way to the doom. I have much to say on the subject, but whats the point of this question anyway? Be more precise, and we can get into discussion. =)
  9. I'm very close to doing that =) Just wondering what's the problem. I even tried DVD-R and DVD+R... No luck. And i may need it someday when Leopard comes =) UPD: I solved it. Booted up my Hackintosh and burned the image from there. =)
  10. I recently bought a used powerbook 12". It came with no cds/dvds whatsoever. I wanted to do a clean install of Tiger, so i downloaded the Tiger 10.4.6 Retail DVD. Unfortunately, i dont have a SD, so i have to burn it on my windows box. I converted it to .ISO using hdutil, burned it in windows, now i can read it under mac os, but i can't boot it! Anyone can suggest what's wrong?
  11. labria

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    1773 - we're getting close!!!
  12. labria

    In search for software

    Thanks! Totally forgot about that site!
  13. labria

    In search for software

    I finally got my PowerBook. (I'm happy! ^^) Now i need some tools for work: 1. A SSH client. I'm curretly using the terminal for that, but i kinda miss the features of Putty, like saving sessions and other stuff. 2. A PHP editor. TextEdit is fine, but highlightning would be really nice, and PHP reference would be perfect! So, anyone know of such tools? PS: Anyone uses some alternatives to Finder? Just wondering...
  14. I had this message when i accidentally short-circuited a usb port. Dunno what it could be in your case...