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  1. Official "GarageMac" movement?

    As long as there is no obvious money making involved like the pystar it is generally not worth the effort for Apple to hunt down everyone and each of us. Truth is, most of the general public out there (Apple's main target market) are not technical enough to get into this whole hackintosh business. And those who are willing to hack and tinker would most likely not go for Mac if the hackintosh is not an option. My mac history started with my G4 mini andI have been on hackintosh ever since shortly after 10.4 went intel. I haven't really needed a laptop and I am still a career student so I don't own one for the time being. But if you ask me what will my first laptop be, it will be a macbook(air/pro). Chances are I may not have time anymore to troubleshoot and maintain a hackintosh down the road in my life. You see how the hackintosh can in fact help mac growing in market?
  2. Glad to know that the driver will still work under Lion. I am fearfully counting down for the day when the driver would no longer work. :S
  3. I somewhat find such comparisons alike subjective and pointless. I use both Win7 and Snow Leopard. Although I boot into MacOS more often than I do in Win7, I have to say the improvement of Win7 over the predecessors, especially in the UI department has earned itself a respectable position in OS usability. When in Win7 I would miss the expose from mac and hate the inconsistent control panel organization, but for the most part I could navigate around quite smoothly (a LOT smoother than xp and vista). Very often, after I have done what I need to do under Win7, I would actually feel lazy to boot back to MacOS and feel quite comfortable with windows.
  4. http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/03/...tm_campaign=rss If that is true, I may want to jump over to the Radeon camp. Have been using Nv cards for the sake of easy hackintosh setup.
  5. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    there are already youtube videos showing off the Lion. Don't like the iOS style scroll bar. I like to see where my page is at without needing to scroll to see the bar appear. All bunch of flashy features are targeting at the small laptops... they don't mean much to the desktop users, other than the mission control. My feeling is that the days of apple desktop is slowly counting down.
  6. here are some advices for you: 1. do MemTest 86 to make sure its not your ram acting up 2. get rid of NvInject and use GFX String 3. Reinstall OSX 4. Get another gpu
  7. updated through the updater without problem. see my spec.
  8. I got it working using Ralink driver. Since their driver only support up to 10.5, meaning a 32bit kernel, you would need to boot ur snow leopard in 32bit mode to get the driver working.
  9. Hi everyone, I need a bit of help here, I am intending to have a dual audigy cards setup, but it appears that the driver does not map outputs on both cards instead of just one of them by default. Is there any way I could configure the driver to map the outputs? I hope it is not too difficult. Thanks a lot!
  10. Yes, it is only cosmetic, you could do some hardcore googling to find out how to change the processor name. I have done it once, and I gotta say, its not worth the time
  11. many many thanks!! it works great! Hi, I am not sure which sound chip is it on your board, mine uses ALC889a or something along that line. I got output working right of the box except the mic which I need. Don't really have time to looking into modifying DSDT, I ended up using VoodooHDA for the time being. Maybe u could check it out. http://osx86.net/f7/alc88x-voodoohda-patch...n-v2-5-6-t5931/
  12. OSXRestart.kext

    I am still on leopard and don't have the time to upgrade yet, but thank you so much for the contribution! people like you are what makes the community well and alive
  13. It was some fun app until I realized it isn't integrated well enough with the other elements of the OS. but was fun nonetheless!