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  1. EX-58UD5,CI/QE lost after edit com.apple.boot.plist?

    Hey chris thanks for the reply! 1) i am using asus 8600 gt 512mb 2) yes i use the chameleon v2 from iatkos 10.5.7 The strange thing is, after the ci/qe was lost it first came back when setting chown and chmod command. Exactly right after execution and reboot! And i started thinking about permission issue because it was the only one thing i did change in the system! Normally ci/qe woulndt get lost if you just reboot. And 2nd thing is that started me wondering was when it came to piont to save the edited boot.plist on desktop: it was denied due to not having enough priviledges. And really it was the only thing to edit plist before i got the black framed hdd symbols and jerky moving windows. I will try to reproduce this issue and set different user and rights and report back cheers p
  2. Hi all! First of all I wanna thank you a ton for all the work and help coming from this terrific forum! I recently bought this awesome board called EX-58 UD5 with i7 920. Indeed it worked all of the box with iatkos v7. But still I had much trouble, because after editing boot.plist I lost CI/QE for some reason. I moved boot.plist to desktop, edited and moved back to Systemconfiguration folder and then just repaired permissions via disk util, because I have read quite often that repairing permissions via disk util would be enough. But its apparently not, am I right? The lost of CI/QE came very inconsitently, sometimes first after 4th reboot after editing, sometimes directly after reboot. The result of not executing chown -R root:wheel com.apple.boot.plist and chmod -R 644 com.apple.boot.plist was mouse cursor with black screen. When moving the mouse and hovering over dock then screen updated bit by bit, hdd icons were visible, but were framed with black margins. I really did not expect this, since I did not touch the kexts in Extensions folder. Just edited boot.plist. In first place I suspected some of tghe updates, then vanilla kernel, but it did not get any better with voodoo kernel. This platine rocks in detail, nicely overclocked, it got all installed with iatkos v7, running with both kernels, tutorial of badaxe2 was used, THANKS a LOT!! Fully recommended!! Something new has been learned :-) Thanks everybody!! You rock!
  3. [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    Well, i have the same probblem: I tried all drivers stated on #radeonhd in all variants but am still stuck with my SAPPHIRE 2600XT: All i tried lead into the blue screen. I installed graphics update and tried again with newest natit / triakis -> same old problem. I am confused to read that some people did not install the graphics update 1.0 and succeeded in the end?!? I tried as well in TIGER 10.4.8 (JAS). I would like to test under 10.4.10, but cant find the update from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10. Implementation procedure of the kexts should be right, since the AppleVIAATA insertion has worked as well and brought no errors. Maybe i should open a thread and put a rewarding note in the title "Who solves my problem gets 20 EUR" :-))) I cant understand why these results of driver installations are so inconsistent. I tried as well with my x1600 AGP 512 MB , but had ONLY QE/CI WITHOUT changing resolution got done. I will try with Leo4all in the next days and hope to get it work. But better would be TIGER since there are some incompatibilities under leo. When reading the fast scrolling verbose boot up screen i can read that the 2600xt is initialized, but still there is the blue scren, system is running, but no GUI I have read about a FW update for the 2600xt and will try this as well. Link: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/ati...wareupdate.html Another big question is: Could be the PCIe version 1.0a could be the culprit for the problems having with the 2600xt? Would the version PCIe 2.0 run better? Or is that not important?? Anyone tried this already???? cheers SPECs: Zephyroth's 10.5.2 rev. 1 ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2 2 GB Kingston DDR 400 SB live External 24bit USB SATA+SATA II