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  1. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    Looking forward to that :-)
  2. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    At last i found somebody besides me having this problem. I am getting really tired of restarting my iMAC 27" (late 2009) 2-3 times everytime it's powered on. Sometimes it stops with the grey screen, sometimes it says "a disk read error occured" press ctrl alt delete to restart or something, power button only solution. I have tried different hd sizes from within bootcamp, deleting all mac partitions and both windows 7 32 and 64 bit, nothing changes, still the same.
  3. all zeros in mac address

    Thanks, but i have tried with static ip, no difference. Pretty sure it's because the driver can't read the mac address, and that's why communication only works with devices connected to the same switch/router. My nic are Broadcom 57xx on motherboard, you are probably right i need a new "kext" , but what is a kext??? I'm a "Windows man", only installed Leopard to get a look at iPhone SDK
  4. Hi Just installed Leopard 10.5.1 on a Dell Dimension 8400 The only problems i have now is: 1 My Mac address on my nic are showing only zeros!, why is that? 2 When i connect the nic to my SMC switch (full auto 10/100/1000), the nic is showing "Connected", but i have no network access to anything, no reply from my Dlink router which is connected to my SMC switch. But when i connect directly to the router, connection are established and i can browse the internet, BUT no connection to computers connected to SMC switch. I suspect my Mac address with only zeros are causing my troubles, right? Anybody got an idea ???