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  1. Quick update... going straight from 10.5.5 - 10.5.6 without patching does NOT work. I am going to try again with the DDST patch method.
  2. Hey Everyone, I know I haven't updated this Tutorial in a while, but its nice to see all the support. I have now updated the tutorial with the 10.5.5 update. For first time installers you can jump directly from 10.5.2. As soon as I get some more time to play, I will test and update with the 10.5.6 update method. I will also update the initial tutorial with various fixes posted in this thread. Thanks guys,
  3. I am using an old Pioneer that is supported under leopard. I am unsure if the drive listed would show up as generic or Supported.
  4. Simple really... I had a spare in a draw so it didnt cost me anything
  5. I used a Sata Hard Drive and an IDE DVD Drive. However as discussed before, it should not matter.
  6. What kind of media are you using? If you are using cheap media that could be the problem. If not, then try another burning program.
  7. You can manually access the file on th disk after Leopard is already installed. Here is the quick way: -Download Onyx from Apple.com and install -Under Finder Options turn on "Show Hidden Files" -Put Kalyway 10.5.2 into the PC and use Finder to browse to /System/Installation/Packages/Patches -Find the TimeMachineFix....pkg file and install -Reboot and Enjoy Time Machine Hope this helps.
  8. You need to type in your password before the "Easy Install" button becomes activated.
  9. I am doing something very similar. I am actually installing this build into an old NES case. After some Dremel work I have the mother board installed. Just waiting for my PicoPSU-90 to show up. The NES case wont fit a DVD drive, but I am going to use an external one. Also I think the 360 case should be able to accomidate a full size drive + this motherbaord. You probably wont need to spend the big $$ for a laptop drive.
  10. I have updated the tutorial with the Time Machine Fix. The Kalyway DVD includes a ton of patches and drivers. If anyone else finds anything else helpful on there, please post. Thanks,
  11. Does the 60 watt PS have a 4 pin connector? If not this board wont boot.
  12. Thanks for the update guys. I have updated the Tutorial to show the drive needs to be formated as MBR. I will update with the time machine fix later tonight.
  13. Scrap this step. I will post the needed file when I get home tonight. Cheers,
  14. You will find HD testing and results on page 2 of this thread. Cheers,
  15. Shouldn't, It should still allow you to boot into the install and format from there.