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  1. Intel WiFi fix , ac 3160

    Thanks for reply, what kind of card or usb do u suggest me , could u suggest me both of them ?
  2. Intel WiFi fix , ac 3160

    Hi guys,I hope you are doing good . sys information : Dell Inspiron 5558 Intel ® Core™ i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70 GHz Intel HD graphics 4400 DDR3L SDRAM 4096 MB Intel Dual band Wireless - AC 3160 here is my pcilist : Is there any way that i can fix WiFi , i used appleIntelWifiMvw kext but i didnt get anything from sys pref- network only ethernet and Bluetooth section , if theres no possibility to patch it , what kind of wifi card should i have (internal, also external) . Thanks guys
  3. battery and audio fix

    Wow, Thanks guys i got the Audio , so what i did : erase appleHda , installed ur appleHDA , patched it with clover , moved acl255 in l/e(when it was on s/l/e it didnt work) , and i used patched dsdt , and what can i say except Thank you a lot guys, I dont even now what would i do without you. Great journey really
  4. battery and audio fix

    kextinfo : KextInfo_Report.zip, Efi : https://www.sendspace.com/file/t72iu1 this audio is of the notebook? yes
  5. battery and audio fix

    its good man , thanks a lot for being in this journey with me, Respect , also im gonna try to update to 10.13 and try if i got smth..I'll keep you in touch
  6. battery and audio fix

    ok i have place patched dsdt on /patched but still not working(what about codex), i guess all i can say its a quote from the big short movie : It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so .
  7. battery and audio fix

    ok can i use this DSDT , should it change something , i got this when i was on 12.2 DSDT.aml.zip (patched on) and here is my unpatched dsdt(12.6) : unpatchDSDT.aml.zip (also some error in compile)
  8. battery and audio fix

    So i patched applehda from clover config , not working , and what about patched dsdt and codex kext should i used it , in that link it says it is must to use it (4 dsd i mean), also i got Sound assertion AppleHDAcontroller in line 569 , AppleHDAcontroller 424 on verbose. Till now i got ur alc255 installed applehda patched from config , also im not using Audio layout(3,13,17,27,28) , should i use it
  9. battery and audio fix

    i didnt try , even when i used that link in in po #40 i got the config unpatched(maybe they patch the other things in proportion with my config.plist) with those moves ... ? at that time i only patched applehda s/l/e and and dsdt also alongside installed ALC255 + CodecCommander kexts.
  10. battery and audio fix

    not working. ok now in s/l/e are applehda and applehda_alc255 but still..
  11. battery and audio fix

    Ok,... , so i installed alc255 , and here is my config config.plist.zip .
  12. battery and audio fix

    should i use the original applehda or patched
  13. battery and audio fix

    yep strange ... i got help in 12.2 check http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/322764-fix-ethernet-and-audio-controller/, why it didnt work in 12.6 ? idk
  14. battery and audio fix

    Ow... sorry my mistake , kext : and after reboot : , I also used your config in (3,13,17,27,28) layouts but not working ...
  15. battery and audio fix

    kextcache , after reboot :