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  1. Thanks MacUser2525, Now I also use this method. But I want to edit the bootmenu on Mac/Vista so that it will be easier for the other users.
  2. finally, installed in EP45-UD3LR~ But I have another question. How can I make it dual boot with Vista? I just want to use Vista to play games.. I try use EasyBCD, chain0, and tboot. but both of them can't sucess. Please help in advance. Thanks~!
  3. Hi LTL, It me again. I bought a new motherboard. (EP45-UD3LR) and CPU (Q8300) before, I use your guide to build a P35 system and work fine on it. Now, I want to build another P45 system, but the problem is which release are prefer to use in first HDD in step one? In P35, I follow your guide, use Kalyway. But it seems not work in P45. Thanks!
  4. I bootup the Kalyway partition, and try install 10.5.3 and run post-patch again. but finally, can't boot...
  5. Finally, I buy a IDE to SATA Converter to install on the PATA HDD and replace a SATA DVD-RW and follow this guide http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=88335 Disable the AHCI in bios. Now it work smooth. Thanks -DuNe- and LTL I will test the system in these few days, hope it work! BTW how to disable the IDE controller? THANKS!
  6. Thanks for your reply, I already switch on the AHCI in bios (Integrated Peripherals) and Enable the Native Mode (do I need Disable it?) Thanks!
  7. I try one more time on my board, GA-P35-DS3L I found that if I just install one 2 GB Ram on it, it will run smooth but when I install two 2 GB Ram on it (either on same channel or not) it will hang sometime. Does we need any patch on more 2 GB Ram? THANKS!
  8. Hi! How can I add the 2600XT driver on it? I can't boot the computer with this display card, even I try to boot on save mode. (it black screen, with welcome sound) And I need to use USB dvd-rom to install the 10.4.11 can't use my PATA dvd-rom thanks!
  9. Finally, I change my Motherborad to GA-945GM-S2 and CPU to E2180 (Cause not support to GA-945GM-S2) and I work fine again. but only recognize 3.XGB Ram Don't know does there have something in my board cause the kernel panic. Now need back to my work, after finish the works (maybe few weeks later) maybe try to change to G31M-S3L or other in order can use my CPU.
  10. My computer dual boot on 10.4 and 10.5, I use 2600XT on it, but it seems not stable (always kernel panic) Now I want to change my graphics card (under 100), Please advise which one are prefer (ATI or Nvidia)? Thanks! Should I try 8600GT or 7900? Can NVInstaller install under 10.4? THANKS!
  11. Yes, it is a fresh install, using your v1 file, and step-by-step of your advance guide. just replace the SMBIOS in v2 after install the Leopard
  12. After replace the SMBIOS, and run the abode cs3 patch, the CS3 seems run smooth, but after few hours later. It crash again. And I got this crash report yesterday. Any idea? Thanks!
  13. CS3 with Leopard (x86)

    When almost finish today work. It hang again. Really don't know why. Or I should try 10.4 instead of 10.5? and CS2 instead of CS3?
  14. CS3 with Leopard (x86)

    mm.. CS2 can ran smooth in my Intel mini. of course it is just 10.4.8 not 10.5.2 I found a thread in adobe forumhttp://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c05cde4 And applied the fix.http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...1&sliceId=2I will try one day more.