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  1. Hi MaLd0n!!


    I just don't know what the hell to do with this issue and I was wondering if you might please have any ideas??

    Sorry to bother you and thanks for all your help!


  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to install High Sierra onto the following hardware: Asus Prime Z370 A, 8700K, Radeon Pro WX 7100, (Which I've read can be made to work here My main problem is that I can't get past the initial OsxAptioFix2Drv screen without one of the following issues: "Does printf work?" or just that line with all the crosses on it and it freezes. I have tried with a number of EFI folders/setups including my own and other premade ones I have found around the shop. Anyone have any ideas what I should do? Cheers, DynaFEX.