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  1. Will kext wizard install latest kexts for asus z170 deluxe? I notice kext wizard last update was from 2013.
  2. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    Success thank you cyberdevs. Through trial & error finally sierra setup boots successfully
  3. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    Still no luck What drivers specifically are preventing sierra setup from starting? Why is the kernel not cooperating with the asus z170 deluxe?
  4. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    ps/2 devices? not that I'm aware of. so you fixed blu ray issue in yosemite? so the EFI folder should fix sierra not booting setup install.
  5. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

  6. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    Why won't sierra boot into setup?
  7. What is the best solution to fixing freezing issue?
  8. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    Damn it so gtx 1060 is impossible to work in yosemite? When comparing mac os yosemite to el capitan to sierra. I prefer yosemite, out of the 3 mac os yosemite is overall best would you agree? Cyberdevs just wondering how were you able to install kexts such as audio kext in yosemite skylake?
  9. I recently edited my signature. Just wondering, What is the purpose of the IORegistry app?
  10. Gigamaxx I'm referring to my 4790k computer.
  11. GTX 1060 yosemite skylake?

    How exactly can the gtx 1060 work properly in yosemite skylake?
  12. wifi bluetooth kext z170 deluxe

    Broadcom BCM94360HMB