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  1. Hi, I just update my MBP mid 12 with a SSD of 500G, 16 G of Ram and a second SSHD of 1 Tera. The bad surprise is that I try to reinstall all my software with are Adobe CS6, Acrobat reader pro, Keyshot (for 3d renderings) and other soft and I'm stuck... I also should say (or maybe I should be more direct about it... ) that I've been using cracked software and I'm guessing the issue might be from that due to the New settings made by apple.! Form what I research it come from the gatekeeper in Sierra, I try to disable it as adviced in the different forum that I read but it's doesn't do anything. Does any one have a method to get over it and make it work, it will save me and I will be so great full for your help. thanks again and looking to read your advices.
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    Hi guys, My name is Jo I'm from France and I'm really interested to learn more how to control and overcome issue that I can have with my MBP . I'm sure I'm in the right place to get the best advices.