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  1. Boas, Tenho um Toshiba R400 com o snow Leopard 10.6.8 a funcionar "quase perfeitamente", mas gostaria de tentar instalar o Lion. Sei da limitação a nivel do processador, este portatil tem um intel core duo, mas gostaria saber se alguém já tentou instalar numa máquina parecida. Já tentei a distro iAtkos L2 mas sem exito, não consigo chegar ao ecran de boas vindas do instalador. Agradecia alguma ajuda se possivel. Obrigado. SPECS: Intel Core Duo U2500 1.2Mhz 3GB DDR2 RAM SSD 32Gb GMA 950
  2. analise

    Intel GMA950 - Snow Leoard

    Thanks JavaKrypt for your reply. You maybe right, it is very difficult to enable it, but its possible, there's no hardware limitation only a software one. If you read the thread you reference, i've already been there, in 10.6 apple made the cmd+option trick possible but doesn't work with my current drivers(lastest from 10.6.3). My opinion is that it have something to do with appleIntelFrameBuffer kext but i could be wrong. That kext resolved the resolution problem but its a bit obscure how things are done there. Anyways trying to find out, thanks.
  3. analise

    Intel GMA950 - Snow Leoard

    Hi, Is there a way to enable display rotation with this card? I have a Toshiba R400, almost working perfect with Snow 10.6.3, exceptions are rotation of course, wireless(3495g), most of the screen controls and fingertip reader but i can live without them. But with rotation i could almost perfectly use it as a tablet. Does anyone has a clue? Thanks.