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  1. I finally got resolution to work with dsdt.aml in root and Graphics Mode in boot.plist. But still working on getting the right NVCAP to get QE/CI working. As i read recently, only works if we get the NVCAP from the full working Graphic Card. So, i will give a try soon! Peace
  2. I also have this Graphic Card with dual monitor. Trying to make it work on SL as i did in Leopard with Natit.kext, but i got a KP as you did. This was caused by the other kext: NVDANV40Hal, NVDANV50Hal, NVDAResman. So i removed all them and restart without KP's but still doesnt have Resolution or QE/CI working. Dont know why Natit, NVinject, NVEnabler didnt work with the resolution as in Leopard. Hope somebody can help us. Peace
  3. Hey, You can't upgrade win xp to seven. If u install over the partition that has xp will remove all data on it. So i recommend you: 1. Backup all your data and format Xp partition then install seven on it. 2. When Seven boot, you can install EasyBCD to manage boot from windows seven 3. Creating a new register entry for mac at boot, so u can select which one to boot. If u need more help, and detailed information. Let me know Peace
  4. Help Screen Resolution X200 Mobility?

    Did you try Callisto? It works for me and now have 1280x800 Make a search trough the forum. Peace
  5. ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    Im running Leo 10.5.6 and also installed this kext to make it work with my 0x4370, works fine! But, has the same issues with buttons declared up there, is still there a fix to this issue? Also the mute button light is turned on itself 'til a sound comes to play. I hope we can fix this issues soon! Paz
  6. Deberia de actualizar a 10.5.6?

    Gracias x contestar! Algo que se me olvido mencionar es que el sleep funciona perfectamente pero al igual que muchos en el foro no logro despertar la pantalla despues de entrar en sleep mode. (En espera de una posible solucion) Ademas, el audio se mutea solo despues de un par de minutos si no estoy usandolo. Pero trabaja perfectamente si escucho musica o ejecuto alguna funcion que haga sonar los speakers. (Tal vez alguien esta pasando por lo mismo que yo) Saludos
  7. Kiubo gente! Gracias a este foro he logrado la instalacion completa de mi hackintosh en mi portatil. Ademas de actualizar hasta la version 10.5.5 de Leopard Pero, el dia de hoy me hago la pregunta: Sera correcto o adecuado actualizar mi version de Leopard hasta la 10.5.6? Ustedes que opinan? Mi sistema es el siguiente: Hp Pavilion zv6130us Kaliway Leopard 10.5.2 instalado (Actualizado hasta 10.5.5 con la ayuda de Mac Cute y su parche para AMD) AMD Athlon 64 768 RAM PCEFIv9 con Chameleon 1.0.12 ATI X200 Video (@1280x800) Callisto Fix Audio Conexant Cx20468 AC-Link (Working) ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort WI-FI & Ethernet Working USB Working Si se me olvida alguna cosa, diganme para postiarlo! Saludos
  8. Coda 1.6.3 Full

    broken link! try re-uploading the file please!
  9. Conexant Cx20468 Driver needed

    Thanks! Already fixed with SB400 Effort Paz
  10. Conexant AMC AC'97 Audio problem

    I've tried to use your modified .kext on mine... installed with kexthelper but when finished it shows me a message saying restart my computer, holding down power button. Then i restarted the machine and when the apple boot logo appears it shows me again the same message. And can't boot anymore! What could be wrong?
  11. Hey everybody! I have completed the installation process on my Hp Pavillion zv6130us with Kaliway 10.5.2 Everything works great except for my audio, which is Conexant AC-Link Cx20468 I tried a couple of method to make it work.. but didnt success. The last time i tried got a screen saying to push power button to restart and crash my whole system. Then re-install Kaliway but still missing audio driver. What could i do? Any ideas to fix it? Any modified kext? Need help please!
  12. error before installation :s

    I got the same message error on my PC but the install continues till the next screen. Also get the error: "Failed to load estension org.tgwbd.driver.ACPIPS2Nub." What should be the solution to this 2 kind of problems? PEace