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  1. garikfox

    New Nvidia Retail Driver Install Solution

    The New Nvidia Web driver 313.01.03f01 installed perfect on my system with my GTX 680, all I had to do was after the installation put a kernel flag in chameleon plist nvda_drv=1 Novabench GPU score with 10.8.5 drivers : 486 Novabench GPU score with the new Nvidia Web drivers : 485 FYI: SMBios is set as Mac Pro 5,1 2010
  2. no matter how many times I run disk utility and repair permissions it says Permissions differ on “usr/bin/tar”; should be lrwxr-xr-x ; they are -rwxr-xr-x . Repaired “usr/bin/tar” Does anyone else have this too ?
  3. Does anyone have a download link to 2.4.14 , I've searched the whole internet for 2 hours and I cant seem to find it
  4. garikfox

    nVidia GeForce 9600m GS 512mb

    'Touche, lol YEP works Great !
  5. garikfox

    Um... Graphics Problem?

    Install iATKOS v7, Your pretty much good to go as a stock Apple System. Ill throw ya some tips. In BIOS make sure ALL CPU Features are Enabled, like Speed,c1e,vander etc. If you have HPET on BIOS put that too 64 Bit, Enable Firewire, and SMART Theres only gonna be 3 things youll add, OHR, (EFI NVIDIA STRING), and WIRELESS/WIRED/Network The sound is already clicked it will be Voodoo
  6. garikfox

    Install Works, Freezes after desktop loads

    Sorry about that BUT IM more INTEL then AMD
  7. garikfox

    Install Works, Freezes after desktop loads

    I do ! Since your NOT INTEL, You will need to add ALOT of additions to the customization of the install. I dont do AMD anymore for many reasons.
  8. garikfox

    Install Works, Freezes after desktop loads

    I'd do a Clean install of iATKOS v7, NAKE SURE you turn the computer FULLY OFF for at least 2 min. before you start the install...(Long story,lol)
  9. garikfox

    Install Works, Freezes after desktop loads

    iATKOS v7, You sound like you know what yer doing though
  10. I have not posted here since I had a ASUS board way back when 10.5.6 came out, Things didnt goto well, I had a ATi 3850 and things just wasnt right or more less felt right as a OS. Well times have changed I see and Indeed !, I am SUPER impressed ! MOBO: GA-EP45-UD3P 1.1 (BIOS: F10e) CPU: Quad Core'2:Q9300 MEM: Crucial 4x2GB 800MHz DDRII VID: BFG (Basic) 9600GT 512MB HD: WD 320GB (Basic) Hard Drive SATAII BIOS setting(s): Let's think like a Mac and AUTO or ENABLE all MEM/CPU settings. (This is one of the MAIN reasons why people cant install Mac.) Enable Firewire. Enable SMART. (Do NOT OC!) --- Mouse: Apple Mighty Mouse (whoever thought Mitsumi makes these,lol) Keyboard: Apple Keyboard OS: iATKOS v7 - GUID clean Install MAIN OS /Customize= I left everything there that was already clicked. ONLY things I had to add was, OHR(restart/shutdown fix), EFI for NVIDIA DVI-DVI, Intel SATA/IDE, R1000 (realtek network drivers) This is all I added 3 things more less. The best part is I can CONFIRM that NOTHING is needed to UPDATE too 10.5.8, ALL I did was run "Apple Software Update" and let her Rip !, I'm still typing this so im ok, LOL Excellent ! Job my friend's ADD: BIOS settings HPET=64 bit
  11. garikfox

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Cheers !, (Glurp) 180k here still is slow in new lamens terms, lol but fine for me, Nighty nite. lol Yes, As for the Graphics, Not yet......
  12. garikfox

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Holy Cow !!! Im on this like fly on ....
  13. garikfox

    ATI 3850 card problems

    I havent seen that one, When I did it there was two seprerate files I had to isntall using kext helper.
  14. garikfox

    ATI 3850 card problems

    Install natit.kext again, Then right after that, install the x2000**.bundle again. Repair Perms. then Restart.