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  1. Best Hardware?

    i want to know the best hardware around a Q8200 or a Quad Core Intel. Best Motherboard, Memory, Hard Drive, graphic card, etc. Around $500 Already Have in My Cart at Newegg: Q8200 - $164.99 Lite ON DVD Burner - $21.99 G.SKILL 4 GB RAM - $39.99 Seagate Barracuda 500 GB - $59.99 Case w/ Power Supply - $48.99 Total Without Motherboard and Graphic Card:336.95
  2. Mobile Me Troubles

    i have it doesnt work
  3. Mobile Me Troubles

    I've tried to set up Mobile me on my iphone and it is not working correctly, i can set it up on me.com and my PC and it syncs perfectly, but the iphone will not recieve the "push" over the air and get my contacts/calanders etc....anyone figure out how to fix that. also i was unable to set up me.com in outlook, the tutorial on mac did not work
  4. Unlocking for Tmobile

    ell basically Internet works but like mobilechat or apolloim doesnt
  5. Unlocking for Tmobile

    i am trying to unlock an iphone for a friend and i used Ziphone 3.0 Firmwire: 1.1.4 I installed, Jailbreaked and Activated Installer.app Installed Unlock 1.1.4 Installed Tmobile TZone Hack 1.1.4 Restarted the Iphone It doesnt work, any other ways to do so?
  6. Free iPhone Ringtones

    its free way for Windows Cpus, because Garage band is only for Macs
  7. Leo4All

    i would like to try, the current mac version i have wont install on my computer -cant read hard drive- Dell Vostro 1000 AMD X2 TL-60 2.0 2 GB RAM Toshiba 120 GB HD Dell 1490 Wireless ATI 1150 Onboard Broadcom 440x Just tell me the format of drive to format it in and i will
  8. Free iPhone Ringtones

    well mine is for Windows i forgot to specify that. i know there is a garage band way for those who have mac
  9. iPhone or iMac?

    It took me a month to save for my iphone, but it took me 3 to get my laptop which isnt even a mac but wanting to install mac on it
  10. Free iPhone Ringtones

    1. Select songs from your Itunes Library. 2. Go to Get Info and go to Options. 3. Change the Start Time and Stop Time to the Part of the Song you wish to have as your ringtone. You are only allowed up to 30 seconds for a ringtone. 4. Right Click and go to Convert Selection to AAC. 5. Go to the Folder where you have Itunes Music Located. (X:/Document and Settings/My Music/Itunes/Itunes Music/). 6. Zip or RAR the File(s). 7. Right Click and rename the file. It is in format (.m4a) you have to rename it to (.m4r) 8. Unzip or UnRAR the File(s). 9. Read the file to Itunes. EDIT: Add it to you iTunes Library, you can draggit it. It works, i have tried it several times for my Iphone and is currently runnning on 1.1.3
  11. Questions on Installing

    i also have partition magic to partition my hard drive, what is the format i should use?
  12. I have a Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop and want to Dual boot with XP Manufatuer: Dell Model: Vostro 1000 Processor: AMDx64 Turion X2 60 2.0 Ghz RAM: 2 GB MAX RAM: 2 GB Hard Drive: 120 GB <- Not Partitioned Video Card: ATI Radeon 1150 Wireless: Dell WLan A/B/G Card 1490 & Broadcom 440x 10/100 Snaptics Touch pad Opitiarc DVD-+RW AD-5540A Card Reader Currently Running XP Home SP2 w/ IE8B1 I have Mac OSX 10.4.8 Jas Intel/AMD/SSE1/SSE2 Mac OSX 10.5.2 For AMD Mac Office 2008 Adobe CS3 Design Premium PC/MAC Which is best to install and does someone have screen shots. if possible do i need a key if i have these, the screen shots never show where you enter a key? is it a good idea to run mac on my laptop? and is all the drivers avalaible for my laptop in Mac like it is for XP and Vista.