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  1. Many people have been looking for a Clover "on the fly" info.plist patch to be done at every boot but it fails because Clover's info.plist patches are only visible in the kext caches and it doesn't change the actual info.plist file. It seems that more than one kexts are reading the ConfigMap from the info.plist in it's actual file path, so putting "none" in the kext cache changes nothing. This also makes it impossible to use the dummy kext method. Even if you get a dummy kext with a patched info.plist to load instead of the original kext, the info.plist will still be read from the original kext's file path.
  2. I already trying all from this post topic If i replace patched kext via KextUtility it works. Seems to be Plist patch via clover just doesn't work. Please help
  3. Hello! How can I inject new string of boardID parameter in AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext in info.plist?This must be simple way to add this parameter like in dAGPM.kext, that have only info.plist inside.....I try to create dAGDP.kext analogue, but this is not working inside clover/kexts and S/L/EPlease help!
  4. Tomorrow i will make video about it. Yes, animations, heavy loaded windows How smooth is working your VEGA64?
  5. Macos 10.13.4CPU: Xeon E5-2683v3 14-coreRAM: 32GB 2666 ddr4MB: Gigabyte x99-ud4 rev.1.1 f22Latest Clover
  6. Hello! History: I've been using my hack for a long time. It's all right, everything works fine. Use with a 5k monitor. Last week I went to the Mac store to buy an imac for my friend. We chose imac 5k 2017 i5 with Radeon pro 560. So, we bought it, came home, installed it and ... I'll see that the user interface just flies! Safari, the launchpad, size of the windows in safari change without lags and without any glitches. Everything flies on high FPS. My hack not lagging, scores of benchmarks are absolutely normal for my setup. But UI not so smooth as I see on original imac I go home and try this: Flash my rx580 with PBE to set the default clock, for example, 1000 MHz, but it just does not matter at all in the macos Enable and disable AGPM, trying to change the values in SSDT, which change in IOREG, but nothing in the user interface PowerPlay values - nothing Can I see my GPU clock in real time in macos ??? And can we choose higher clock frequencies and power states of the Radeon graphics processor? Thanks
  7. Solved The only thing is need to generate new SMBIOS with SMB_BIOS_VERSION "IM191.88Z.0058.B00.1705091711"SMB_PRODUCT_NAME "iMac19,1"SMB_BOARD_PRODUCT "Mac-CF21D135A7D34AA6" This make H.264 work/ whatevergreen+shiki make work H.265 at full throttle!
  8. Thank you, FCPX goes much faster Now i have problem, that my 5k monitor works in 4k, AGDC is disabled....do you know how to enable it with whatevergreen? And i need to back my CPU powermanagement, C states and speedstep, that in my generated SSDT
  9. Thanks for reply, there is files RunMeFiles
  10. Hello! Im not newbie in hackintosh, but recently I bought new videocard Saphire RX580 Pulse 8gb. After installing it works perfect, no lags, sleep, wake, HDMI sound.Problems:1. If I want to record video from my webcam in quicktime at normal quality, after 5 seconds my screen freezes completely, but sound is going on.2. When I exporting video in latest Final Cut (with latest compressor), simple minute video converting for 20-30min, this is really abnormalWhat i try:1. Latest Lilu + WhateverGreen + Shiki = nothing is changing(kexts loaded)2. My card is GFX0 (fixed in clover)3. Add IMEI4. Make SSDT for WhateverGreen = nothing5. Patching bios RX580 to MacEdition (113-1E3870U-O49 to 113-4E353BU-O4E)And my CPU doesnt have integrated graphics... Bruce X bench - 70seconds My specs:Macos 10.13.4SMBIOS: MacPro 6.1CPU: Xeon E5-2683v3 14-coreRAM: 32GB 2666 ddr4MB: Gigabyte x99-ud4 rev.1.1 f22Latest CloverPlease help