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  1. Well there it is Asus boards seem to work well with the Snow Leo as they do not seem to have that crazy cmos bug. But seeing you up and running does give me some encouragement to try agian. I have read some success stories with boot132 but have not tried it since it hosed my system but after my class is over with i am going to give it another go round using your guide. By the way nice guide(for snow Leo). Thanks Again Tessa
  2. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    When i tried this the was when snow leo first came out and was trying different boot132 methods when this happen. I could have dealt with the cmos but if that happened but it kill my bios completely. Hind site is 20/20 so i know know that i need a good dsdt before trying this again. When this bad thing happen to me i did try to clear cmos manually but it was a no go. And when i loaded up again it sent me into and endless reboot cycle. So i had to use the screw driver trick to get it to load from my backup bios. And man was that HORRIBLE!!! But i am up and running again and not ready to give up on leopard yet.
  3. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    @Scottapotamas and others BE CAREFUL with snow leo on gigabyte boards it can HOSE your system. I know that this is a forum for retail install of leopard and i am not sure if you plan on updating but i just wanted to warn everyone that this can happen. This is what it did to me. It corrupted my bios and caused an endless reboot until i took a screw driver to short out the pins. So be careful gigabyte users because it has been reported else where.
  4. Hi captain Nemo, I see that you have snow leo up and running according to your signature was getting up and running a a hassle? I was also up on the forums trying to find a good boot132 method. I hope that you had some success because using the boot132 method HOSED my system to the point it corrupted my bios and i had to take a screw driver to short out the pins to get to my backup bios. Go figure . Any way i look forward to your next guide.
  5. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    What motherboard do you have. I used a boot132 disc and it killed my bios to the point i had to use a screwdriver to short it out so that it could get to my backup bios.
  6. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Can't wait to try this out seem much easier than boot 132 guides. The last boot 132 disk hosed my bios to the point that i thought i had to rma my board. i had to use a screw driver to short my main bios chip in order to get to my backup bios. But i am not ready to give up yet I will try this guide some time over the weekend and report back. Flash i think this should work for me because my board is similar to yours I have the ep45 ud3r and i am sure ds3 is not to far in configurations. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!
  7. So could you give a run down of what you did such as did you use this guide etc and what changes you made so that others may try if the current methods out are not working. As for creating a usb install i used a guide form the infinitemac community that was easy a pie and created my own. I have not tried it yet but others reported that it worked just fine. And all i needed was a small usb drive with at least 40 megs
  8. Snow Leopard cdboot

    Do post details!!!!!!!!
  9. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    Ok I think i get it now after i type in the terminal hdiutil resize -size 20MB newiso/initrd.img I got to the kext i want to use such as fakesmc kext and any other special kext i need into the disc then Open initrd.img and place my kext i modified in there. Is that it? Thanks in Advance tessa17
  10. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    No i am getting error in terminal trying to create a boot132 are you saying this is normal. Here is what i have done until i get the errors Open Terminal typed mkdir newiso then copied copy following from the package into the new directory newiso from BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY initrd.img isolinux.bin isolinux.cfg mboot.c32 Copy the boot file you downloaded over the one from BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY Here is where i think i messed up. I typed hdiutil resize -size 20MB newiso/initrd.img then CODE <key>OSBundleRequired</key> <string>Root</string> and got an error message. There it is here where i think i am screwing up. Please tell where am i getting confused at. I really want to learn how to create my own boot132 instead of trying to depend on others to do it for me. Please help Thanks in Advance tessa17
  11. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    i am trying my hardest to make a boot 132 disc but get stuck because i do not understand the guide i get stuck after the first part where i have to copy the files to the folder then after that i put the commands into the terminal and get an error message. Is there something i am not getting please tell me what i am getting wrong. I would use the simbuild boot132 creator but i am sure that will not work because i have to change the boot file. Please correct me on what i am doing wrong.
  12. tried 9 different times to create my own boot 132 but i get stuck at certain point and screw up. I guess i'll wait but thank for the hard work on the boot 132 i was closer than ever before your disc. Thanks again
  13. I had the same what board do you have p35 or p45
  14. Could having snow leo upgrade and full version make a world of difference when using boot 132. i ask because according to apple tiger users have to buy the boxed set and do a clean install where as leopard users can just upgrade? I am trying to download the boxed set now to see if that plays a part. Also has anyone tried on a p45 mb i read that p45 board are good for snow leopard? Could you post you success or fail?
  15. Thanks for your hard work it is greatly appreciated!