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  1. I bought a new Sony Vaio today when I thought my Macbook bit the dust (I've got it working again since, but am still wanting to hackintosh my new powerhouse). Specs are: Intel i7 Q 740, 6GB RAM, GeForce 330m w/ 1GB dedicated video. It came with Windows 7 preinstalled and I don't want to mess that up. There's also a recovery partition since they didn't give me any disks I'd like to retain. I downloaded and burned Empire EFI 1.085 (the legacy one was the one that booted for me) and I can get into the setup, and I'm certain I set up the partition right (used diskmgmt.msc, shrunk my NTFS partition, used diskpart to make a new primary partition & set it to active) and no matter what I do it doesn't recognize it in the OS X 10.6 installer (using retail disk). It tells me I need to repartition using "GUID Partition Table". I've been trying all day to do this, I'm pretty new to this although I've read about it since it was possible, is there anything I can do to keep my Windows install intact and get the Snow Leopard install working? I've read through countless guides and looked around on YouTube but I'm hitting a wall it seems.