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  1. Hi to everyone, i'm looking for a PCIe x4 card to have 2 (or 4) hard disks as storage (so no need to boot any OS from them) and it should be fully working under Mac (Snow Leo) and Win (7) without any issue and without spend a fortune! I've looked to some High Point RocketRaid and today i've founded that Sonnet TEMPO E4i could be a valid cheap alternative! Have some info about it? Someone use it? It should let me create a raid0 (with NTFS + Paragon NTFS) and access it from OSX and Win, right? Thanks to anyone can give me more info!
  2. Hi bertmann, i think to have done some 'damage' I've installed the newset realtek driver that you have linked some posts ago (while my USR card was still plugged-in) and after reboot... i've belived that in 'system preferences' i should found 2 ethernet cards... but it was not so! Trying to solve the problem i've runned the 'uninstall command' included in the installer package, reboot and... nothing. I've looked in the /S/L/E IONetworkFamily and i've noticed that the RTL8169 file (modified to recognize the USR) was missing!! Any suggestions about that? Thanks
  3. What do you mean? If my Boot.plist in original one? If so, yes it is.
  4. Ah ok, now it's clear! In fact i've noticed that in System Profiler it says that there is 1 processor and 4 cores! Ok they became 8 logical cores thanks to HT but i didn't understand way on my Macbook, that has 2 cores, in activity monitor are both displayed and here they don't. But 8 cores are too much to stay in the same little windows! What string should i use to swap the "unknow" with "Core i7 920" in 'info about this system'? Should i change strings in the smbios.plist file? About the sound card i was wrong, or better i got an Audigy and an Audigy2 too, but my last sound card is an SB X-Fi Fatality (with the front panel) but i don't think there is kext to use this card, i'll do some searches!... Why do you copy your 'com.apple.Boot.plist' in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration? It's not sufficent in the /Extra folder?
  5. Hi again, so... i've repeated the instructions to make my USR nic fully work and... YES i've do!! The only thing to adjust is the link speed: if i left it on automatically the nic acts like an Ethernet nic, so i have to force it in the advanced preferences to acts like a Gigabit nic! For the QE/CI that are not more showed in the System Profile i didn't know that, i was conviced that there were some more problems to resolve! For the audio i can use the builtin audio with the 1/8'' jacks (the only thing that appear to me is that the bass signal is, in some ways, redirected to frontal and rear speakers too! mmm... i've just tested it and this impression is the same under windows7... i think my 'old' Audigy was better in the audio managment ). For the moulti cores of my i7 920, in activity monitor i see just one core... Do you got 4 or 8 cores there?!? If you do, and you tell me that are problem related to 'dsdt.aml' i'm missing something cause i'm using the dsdt file that you've provided in your guide! Have a nice evening/nite! PS: did you know if there are some ways to got my SB Audigy to works properlly under OSX?!?
  6. installation error

    For spasm mode you mean standby mode? If so i have to ask you which graphics card do you own, cause it seems that your gfx is not supported nativelly, so you need to add the string "GraphicsEnabler=y" in the com.apple.Boot.plist. If you got some ATI card you need more work, but i've not experience with that.
  7. Ok, i've done some more test and my conclusion is that QE/CI "should" be enabled cause when the initial video of wellcome is showed it's run smoothlly (in other test/installation it doesn't!). Then i've tried with 'glview' to run some test and it runs every test, except the last one, with an average of 3100 fps. So the missing part in System Profile could be a cosmetic issue? In your System Profile the QE and CI are showed and figured as enabled? I've got a 5.1 speakers system (DD, DTS and others). Anyway following your step yesterday i was able to got audio works (but not on optical output, not a big problem!). On this point i've got some more problems. The first two commands works without warnings/errors. But the 'kextcache' returns me a lot of problems, mainlly errors on missing dependencies. So i was not able to create the 'Extensions.mkext' file. Cause i'm traying some little customizations: i've installed the chameleon, extra folder etc on an usb key instead the hard disk (doing so if i wanna try a different combinations of bootladers, kext and so on i have not to reinstall osx each time). So after the initial error caused by kextcache, that was run on my MacBook with target the usb key, i've used kext utility on the hackintosh with SL and it works fine! (i hope to have obtained the same results following this way!...). Just for my kowledge: create the extensions.mkext is mandatory or have the /Extensions folder is sufficent?!? Ok, that's clear! Ok, this way completed without errors! Mmmmm....now that i've read this passage again i've noticed that i do some steps wrong! It was 1,15 AM and the bed was call me! So before tell you i was unable to do this i'll try again this evening! Anyway for this step the PCI Tools, after installed and rebooted, doesn't work. If i remeber the error message was some like this: 'No access method'. So i've looked for an alternative to find id of pci devices finding the 'DPCIManager' tool that has founded my USR nic. Using this tool should not be a problem, right? Ok, now some other things, sorry if i 'abuse' of your patience but i wanna know and understand to be able to do it myself! How can i fix how the system see the processor? I not mean just in the System Profile that it's only a cosmetic thing, but have osx to know and use alle available cores! Thanks again for everything!
  8. First thanks for your reply and support, very appreciated! Then, yes i'm using the Chamaleon bootloader (the RC2 linked in your guide. Could i use the RC3?) with graphicsenabler. So you've added that string and after that, in system profile, you have QE/CI enabled (actually i don't see them. I've thought that if they are not supported in the system profile appear some kind of text like 'not supported')?!? Suppose that i have to add a string to my kext too. Should i use the one you write or one for my 285? Where i can find the right for me? And where should i place it in the file? Have you ever tried to install the official nvidia driver? When i try it the system stops to recognise my monitor and i can only use the 1024x768 resolution... And i have to 'force' installation (maybe cause in SL that driver are just included?!?). For audio i've follwed your guide litterally, so i've place the file in /S/L/E but when i boot the system, after a while, a popup tells me that the file can not work, to remove it and try to install it again. I've done something wrong? This evening i'll try to remove applehda to try... For nic i've used a USR based on the Realtek 8169 chip, but it doesn't appear nowhere in osx (But without driver neither Windows 7 can use this nic...). Maybe is the USR one that is not so 'friendlly'. Which one did you use (dlink, linksys or whatelse)? Some more info: - when audio works, all outputs works or just the jack 1/8'' ?!? Cause my audio system could be connected with optical cable, but i don't know if under osx that output can work. - in one last point of your guide you tell to use 'kext utility' but when i drag my 'extensions' folder on it the process end in a sec tells me that it could not create the extension.mkext and it doesnt' repair permissions too... So i've used 'mkexttool' to create the file then moved to the '/Extra' folder. could it be an alternative solution? - when you write to excute the 'chown' command the sysntax is right or did you forget to put the 'sudo' part? Cause if i try to execute without 'sudo' i receive many errors of permission denied. They disappear if i use sudo. One more thing : i've read some guide related to create a patched DSDT for my own system without the need to use kext and injectors. So, for a try, can i remove all the content in the '/Extra' folder and swap the DSDT file in the root with the one i've made (that should let me work directlly with onboard nic, audio and graphics...) or i should try this on a fresh installation?!?
  9. ok i've obtain some success... Now my hackintosh boot directlly with gtx 285, it results in the system profile, but there are no signs of QE... Other problems are: no audio and no ethernet. I've read that you don't use the builtin eth but another one, so i've plugged a nic in the last pci slot but without success. What's wrong this time?!?
  10. Hi, i finally had my first hackintosh up un running, but not all is working as expected. In this installation i've used an old nVidia 8400, then installed the nvidia driver for my GTX 285. But with both video cards the system is unable todeterminate the monitor name and the system shows me only the 1024x768 resolution. How can i fix this?!? Thanks!
  11. hi to everyone, this is my experience: after some bad result, follwing this guide let my SL to install and boot correctlly, BUT... my video card is a GTX 285 (non mac version); in the guide there is a specific point that explain to edit plist file before lunch 'installer'. So i've edit the file changing the string for my video card (using EFIStudio to obtain the right HEX sequence) but if i let my old 8400 card the system boot nice, with my GTX 285, after the first boot screen (where there is the gray apple logo and spinning icon) the monitor goes in standby mode cause no more video signal come from video card... What should i do to fix this video card?!? Thanks for any help! PS: before swapping the video cards i've downloaded, from nvidia site, last Mac OSX driver, but once started it tells me that there are no need of that driver. It's correct? Or i should force the installation in some way?!? ---- EDIT ---- Ok, i was able to boot in SL using my GTX 285. I've utilized the injector from netkas and the official drive from nvidia (here i receive the same message so, if i wanna install the driver, i should enter in the package content and install manually the driver. So i dunno if this procedure don't install something but actually the second DVI doesn't send video signal and im not able to change video resolution on my main monitor! It's 'fixed' on 1024x768 and the SL doesn't see it as a Apple Cinema Display but a simple 'monitor'....
  12. Thanks for the tip, but i've just tried to do the installation from usb key (i've tried a 'customized' lifehacker guide) and it worked partially... I wanna ask you another thing: did install SL using your GTX 260 or another card?
  13. hi people, i got this motherboard too. BUT, yesterday, i was following your guide bertmann and when i'm installing SL, near at the end of process the installer reports a generic error that some files couldn't be copied... Never happend to you?!? I was installing SL on an external hard disk (connceted with an adpator SATA->USB) from my macbook with Leopard.
  14. ah ok, thanks for your reply. Do you know if a Geforce 8600 could run the installation process without problem like the gtx 285? Cause the old 7800 card is plugged in another pc and i would like avoiding to open, unplug the card and so on