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  1. lumark

    OS X 10.11.1 is out!

    just finished to update to 10.11.1. I just had to re-install applehda.kext...and everything is working properly
  2. lumark

    New GPU advice!

    Thank you guys!!...I'll go straight with the EVGA GTX 960!
  3. lumark

    New GPU advice!

    Guys, just to know and get things right... GTX 750TI is not supported natively and needs webdriver to work on OSX GTX 960 is of course more powerful and it is supported natively by OSX ...am i right?
  4. lumark

    New GPU advice!

    Because of the performance or cause it is natively supported by OSX and doesn't need the nvidia webdriver?
  5. lumark

    New GPU advice!

    That would be a big YES i suppose ...and a 750ti it is then!
  6. lumark

    New GPU advice!

    Guys, I want to buy a new GPU for my hackintosh, what about a Gigabyte GeForce 750ti? Is it fully compatible with OS X?...or are there any other gnu model that you guys would buy instead? Thanks!
  7. lumark

    NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app

    Wow, great app guys!! Only one question, I have a 9400GT and the app says that I have the version 310.42...should i Install the new one(346.03)? The only thing I have to do is to install the package when the download is done??Thanks!
  8. lumark

    Nvidia 9400 GT help

    A huge thank you! How and from where can I check the AGPM?...I' m sorry, but i cannot find a guide about it from the search toolbar.
  9. lumark

    Nvidia 9400 GT help

  10. lumark

    Nvidia 9400 GT help

    I've installed 10.11 with clover as bootloader and everything seems to be fine. All the graphics effects from OSX are smooth, just one thing is really annoying...the srolling using safari is laggy. How can i fix that? Maybe the gpu drivers are not working properly?...or did i miss something during the installation? Here it is a screenshot of my System Profiler/GPU section, thanks!!
  11. Thank you, please can you tell me how can i do all those things? Is there a guide that i can follow? I'm sorry to bother you, but I've never done that before. How do I know which is my Audio_id?and which file should i edit to change the Layout_Id? Once again, thank you. UPDATE: YAY!!...I MADE IT!! I figured it out, sorry for the 9894732987 questions, I got lost for no reasons!! I used the HDEnabler method.
  12. Thank you!! I' ve just installed the kext using easy kext utility, but i didn't get any sounds and device(after restarting the os) in the sound section! What is my mistake?I had to do something else before installing the kext? Thank you again for the help!
  13. Hi, please can you guys tell me where i can find patched Applehda kext to get sounds working? Mobo is the one in the topic title and these are the audio specs: Realtek ALC 883 8 -Channel High Definition Audio CODEC Just finished to install for the 47326784623 time EL Capitan with clover as bootloader, but i get no sounds!! (...and actually anything else at the moment, but i decided to start fixing that ) Pleeeeease help me out, thank you!!
  14. Thank you SO MUCH for amswering me back soon. I' ve installed Leopard on my desktop a looong time ago and now that i decided to install El Capitan i didn't know where to find all the kexts and patches for my hardware. The thing is that now i don't even remember how to install a kext, for example is it ok that i have to put almost all the dsdt fixes in the clover boot section to avoid kernel panic when i boot the system?? Anyway once again, thank you for helping me out, can you please tell me in which section i can find the guides that i need? (Kexts installing, DSDT and Toleda and Mirone pages as you posted me)