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    No way, I've tested several combinations. And All get stuck in the same error.

    PS. I'm using the latest version of Clover.


    my kexts



    Your Kext folder is a total mess.


    1. NvidiaGraphicsFixup is an ancient version of Whatevergreen

    2. Why do you have so many network drivers (Athereos*, Realtek*, SmallTreeIntel*, nForceLAN)?!? Delete them and only install the one you need

    3. You need to chose between Voodoo and AppleALC. AppleALC is much better, but won't work with AppleHDADisabler

    4. Why do you have all the ATA kexts??


    Probably more things are totally wrong. Less is more when it comes to kexts, more kexts just create problems.

  2. I'm a bit confused - what does the SMC Dumps do in practise and what is the consequences of running VirtualSMC with a missing SMC dump?


    For example - I've set my Hack up as a iMac18,2 (which hasn't been added to VirtualSMC yet). What is the difference between running VirtualSMC without a compatible SMC dump or with a compatible dump?