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  1. ofc, thats why most people dont offer chat support and use either bug reports or add a readme with common bugs or a big warning, but if you dont add anything, people can be missleaded. for ex. the current readme file for the NATIVE branch contains: how should anyone know that these are highly unstable pre-alpha debug code with major system compromising and os crashing flaws without reading +100 pages of chatlogs? so i cant understand why @alex.daoud got so upset from the release of the compiled files by @hvolkoff. however this is highly off-topic, but VoodooI2C itself is not. VoodooI2C has high potential, but it's not ready yet. Whenever i see a (semi-)stable release, i'll consider adding it to this tutorial. till then i can just repeat: VoodooPS2 has its flaws, too, but its much more stable and feature rich right now --- Report of March, 21st 2018 --- Pro of VoodooI2C: Much smoother scrolling faster reaction time Con of VoodooI2C: no palm detection/rejection very VERY sensitive to touch, accidental clicks every time random crashes on bootup (with automatic reboot) random crashes after sleep (with automatic reboot) unable to customize is only compatible with the touchpad, NOT the touchscreen of the Dell XPS 15 Report of Native, last commit from early March: https://github.com/alexandred/VoodooI2C/commit/3be7546fd95693330dc84aa3feb7da11d7c3621c Pro of VoodooI2C Native: Native Multitouch Configurable like an original Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Everything from the Pro of the non native version Con of VoodooI2C Native: Physical Clicks are buggy - nearly impossible to use Random Freezes Random Kernel Panics Random Crashes on Shutdown / unable to shutdown Most touch gestures dont work as they should - if at all hypersensitive Non working drag and drop Everything from the Con of the non native version and many more
  2. i was in contact with the original author @alex.daoud before, and it was quite the opposite of a friendly chitchat. i think his problem is, that he doesnt like to fiddle with any bug reports (quote: "i know all existing bugs") and this binary triggers the usage by people without much knowledge. but this is the opposite of an open development, which is very sad. i fixed some of the (what the original autor told me as "very hard to fix") bugs like the physical click errors, but i was unable to fix the random crashes. The native and the master branch kexts should be considered as highly unstable and i suggest everyone to stick to VoodooPS2 for now. Before someone asks: I didnt push my changes back to the repo, because of the hostile enviroment... still, if someone is interested in the changes, contact me.
  3. Some Mac-Services identify itself by the Mac(-Address) The wifi driver has been reported as unstable in the past, which resulted in en0 been absent - so no mac address. obviously it will boot without fake ethernet, but you can run into issues with the AppStore. So it's just more failsafe to use fake ethernet.
  4. because i wrote in the tutorial - at the very beginning: i dont include jump statements in a 3 page document for people who mistake a tutorial for a bash script. also i want to hint to: your issue is not even a specific issue for this computer. You cant get Clover to boot. This is pre- driver and pre- configuration. It's like: "i cant get my nuclear reactor to work. need help with how to open the front door". We know it's not a clover issue, because the preconfigured stick works. So if you cant configure the EFI to boot from your internal SSD, how will you fix the real issues?
  5. For the last time: read the TUTORIAL! https://github.com/wmchris/DellXPS15-9550-OSX/blob/10.13/Tutorial_10.13_Step7.md#clover-doesnt-boot-or-model-name-error
  6. never required any of these and i used usb-c on a regular base. :-/
  7. as i said... you didnt install clover properly and/or forgot to configure the boot priority. both is explained in the tutorial. also i will not give support for any tool by TM - see the FIRST text in the tutorial for the reason. works. :-)
  8. obviously you didnt install clover correctly
  9. afaik its for triggering power to the TB device on bootup.
  10. works well. thank you. btw usb-c worked well before ;-) @hvolkoff does the voodooi2c native branch kext also mess up with your left click (not tap)? most physical clicks are not recognized anymore on my system, but drag and drop works ... but sometimes doesnt register the clickUP event. dunno if configured something wrong or this is just a bug
  11. tbh i didnt read the thread, just had this display bug for >2 days now, so i thought it might have been something specific to my setup (FF with a hell lot of privacy plugins)
  12. same here, TPD* missing. to be honest i'm a lil bit confused... i'm pretty sure the ELAN Touchscreen is connected with USB, not I2C...
  13. see attached screenshot. also it looks like many threads are missing posts and i dont get an email anymore for answers in my pinned threads. and i miss the "go to last post in thread" shortcut you had in the old forum
  14. its not a conflict... this is normal behaviour with some bt hardware... wifi and bt are interfering with each other. both are using 2,4ghz for transmission. it depends on quality of your used devices (router, headphones,...) and their transmission settings if the interference will be a mild side effect or a absolute non working disaster.
  15. i think it has something to do with your headphones. i'm using bose QC35 without any issue for a long time.