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  1. may someone explain to me, why the right click should be considered as non working? It works fine for me with taps and physical clicks...
  2. hynix is incompatible with 4k, but is installable with the supplied patches. Still your error has nothing to do with the SSD, your memory is fragmented. If you cant get it to work with the supplied files and tutorials, chances are slim to impossible to get it in a running state. Try calculating the slide value, if this doesnt work either then OSX is not suitable for your device.
  3. works fine. as you said - just a cosmetic thing and will look strange on non 4k displays. I already added the GUIScale var before, so changing it is only a minor adaptation.
  4. first test with 10.14.1 without any problem. seems safe.
  5. you can boot into the Dell Hardware Checkup and test your battery. It sometimes happens, that OSX will report a wrong power charge value (eg. displaying 90% and not charging, unplugging will immediately let it jump to 100%), but this is only occasionally on a worn battery. Maybe there is another culprit... normally EFI related updates will only prevent the update to happen (failure -> abort), but will not result in an unbootable system. I'll give it a hit when i'm back from work tonight.
  6. SD card makes a huge difference, but not the amount you've reported. My 9550 is running 2-3h ... with a heavily broken battery (<60% of the normal Ah) It seems more like your GPU is enabled, SD Cardreader (btw there is a driver, but its very buggy) active + inel speedstep disabled + a worn out battery. Otherwise 1h would be practically impossible.
  7. http://bfy.tw/KXtJ There it is explained...
  8. You didnt partition the SD, you just reformatted the existing partition. Redo the installation, and re-partition the whole drive.
  9. ESP is your EFI Partition, it just has the wrong name. ESP = Efi System Partition. This has been created by Windows instead of the OSX Installer. It contains the Windows Bootfiles. So it seems like you didn't follow the tutorial. I dunno if it still valid with APFS, but with HFS this setup would be unbootable.
  10. The kext was from 10.13. it got replaced with another kext, which is not mandatory, too. 10.14 should be compatible with the cpu but some reported to have better battery life with the kext and they don’t do any harm... unless you try to patch the same file twice.
  11. would be strange, i did the normal upgrade path on all machines. Please try to debug it, so we can fix it. Just to make sure: you were able to boot into the installer, but you're not able to boot in the installed os? EDIT: @phaberest why do you still have the X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext in your /L/E?
  12. see one line above the kernel panic - lilu is unable to apply the patch to the x86PlatformPlugin. Is it possible you have an old lilu.kext running?
  13. audio is patched in a new way, so this could indeed interfere. but you didnt supply any debug information - just "the repo is not working". Please try a clean reinstall with the files from the repository - if this boots, then you can import your time machine backup (and hope it will not recover the reason why it didnt work in the first place) Oh and make sure you use the MBP13,3 SMBIOS.
  14. only a bios update ;-). The .25 update was the main reason why we had this issue at first. before that noone needed any slide calculations to run OSX. if it works, it works. but you can have problems with nvram and sometimes crashes on boot - but so far noone opened an issue when its running.
  15. There are multiple possible issues: bios upgrade, new kexts (bigger prelinked kernel), adding new hardware...