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  1. It can't be done. Installing on SSE2 requires some hacking, SSE is missing too much for it to be done. Sorry.
  2. SOLVED: All i had to do was go into the command prompt on the windows dvd and set the correct partition as active. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. Hi all, As it says in the title I have OSX 10.4.8 installed on my hackintosh and wish to install Windows Vista (well, have to for some Uni reasons!) I have a 128GB partition dedicated to OSX, everything goes alright until I get to the part of vista setup where I have to select a volume to install to. It will let me format the second 170GB but won't let me install to that partition (can't remember the error sorry) Has anyone else found this, also anyone with a solution?
  4. GameOn

    Fresh installation on new machine, help

    Apparently you need the reseed and jmicron patch, there are links in the normal place. I hope it works for you and If I get it working on my P5B-V I will tell you how.
  5. GameOn

    FEELER: 30gb ipod video

    I'm in the UK but may be interested, the 4GB mini don't quite cut it anymore.
  6. GameOn

    run OSX in QEMU

    In QEMU I get this: Error Any Ideas? EDIT: This TWIT (me) didn't follow the last steps of the instructions.