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  1. Weird / Messed Up Timing

    Thanks, worked like a charm! I spent a lot of time searching the forums, but didn't know how to word the problem! Now everything works except wifi and ACPI sleep, woo!
  2. Hi all, I just installed with JaS 10.4.7, and everything works on my system with one severe quirk: there seems to be something wrong with the internal "timers" or something. For example: 1) Logout timer / countdown is jumpy (suddenly pauses on a number, suddenly speeds through a bunch). This happens with a lot of countdowns in the system. 2) Graphics and animations (windows, dashboard animations, expose, etc.) They'll be very smooth (QE & CI enabled), and then suddenly stop... and then fast-forward, etc. So essentially, my system is not slow or jerky or stressed... "time" just doens't flow very evenly. Has anyone else had this problem? Some (possibly) relevant specs: JaS 10.4.7 with Combo Update / Intel SSE3 patches Thinkpad Z61t 1.83Ghz Core Duo T2400 Intel GMA 950 Intel HD Audio SATA hard drive Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Just yesterday, I tried out my jas-patched OS X Intel DVD on an old iBook to upgrade it to Tiger, but after completing the installation, it's just showing the rainbow-swirly-of-death. I thought that the DVD included both working versions for Intel and PPC Macs, right? Anyway, so I'm asking if there is anybody else who has had this kind of trouble, or if there are any actual success stories of installing OS X on a PowerPC Mac with an x86 DVD. Thanks.
  4. I've read some posts about people not being able to install with the patched DVD, and I couldn't either (kept getting SAM I/O and hfs_mountroot errors), so I'm posting this information in the hopes that it will help someone out. This is NOT a step by step tutorial; it doesn't contain the exact commands you need to enter and such, but I expect that anyone who actually needs to use this method has already done extensive research in OS X86 (chain0, diskpart, etc.) I used the 8f1111a 10.4.3 developer dtk dmg, converted to iso, and patched with JaS's 4.2b patch. Here's what I did: First, I used diskpart to create a primary partition of type "AF" in some unallocated space on one of my drives. Next, I mounted the ISO image of the patched DTK DVD in Daemon-Tools, and then mapped that drive to a newly created VMware machine (VMware's own ISO option won't work with the HFS+ partitions on the DVD). It shouldn't matter what profile you use (I used the FreeBSD one). Most importantly, I told VMware to use the physical hard drive partition I created previously, instead of an image file. Thus, I could simply boot off the DVD inside VMware, use the Disk Utility to format the partition (NOT the entire disk), and install OS X normally. After that, I simply had to copy the chain0 file to my boot partition root and add it to my boot.ini. I restarted, and selecting the "Mac OS x86" entry in the Windows bootloader worked perfectly. This was actually verified by me; I did it on a Dell Dimension 8200 with a 160GB HD containing Windows and a 40GB containing my OS X installation. There was already another data partition on my 40GB, and I was able to keep it intact. I had some trouble when I forgot to enable the second disk in the BIOS (cause it works fine in Windows anyway), and the chainloader wouldn't find OS X, but the entire process should be the same (and easier) for single disk setups.
  5. Display

    I had the same problem with my computer, but booting into safe mode with -x works well. On my other computer, with the exact same specs (these were bought together), I can't seem to fix it. It's even worse: it stays in this horrible horrible grayscale mode.