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  1. what is trying to access my optical drive?

    i know this is from 2009, but after 8 different google searches for the issue this is still the only hit that matches my question. i have an iAtkos install of SL 10.6.3. with proper research and fiddling i got everything working nicely (except dual core recognition, and for some reason video isn't recording in photo booth, but no big complaints there). however, every 5 minutes or so, the optical drive is being accessed. i can hear the laser moving around, the motor spinning up and down, despite the fact that i haven't had a disc in the drive since installation. any hints/suggestions on this front? i'm not too worried about it, but it is rather strange behaviour. my drive info is: ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P cheers!
  2. TC Konnekt 24D - Firewire - Problem

    yep, it seems more TI-all-the-way people are waking up to the facts at hand presented concisely here: http://www.podcomplex.com/blog/is-a-ti-firewire-controller-vital-for-your-audio-pc/ just wanted to drop by to say i'm learning all this the hard way (like most of us) but i appreciate the heads up about st-lab. not to say it wouldn't work for me, as i've a foxconn motherboard, but i was starting to wonder why most VIA and TI chipset fw cards were still pretty expensive while the st-lab (at least the ones i found on ebay) weren't quite as much. was about to grab an st-lab as my next tester but found a VIA that someone's not using anymore that i'm getting for 8 quid. happy days! hope it works. looks like we need to start compiling/chart a page of combined motherboard vs. card+chipset success and failures. there are already plenty of people out there trying to get their firewire audio equipment to work who have nothing to show for their efforts but headaches .. but we can use those headaches to pave the way for others! let's go!
  3. Issue with Motu UltraLite

    i've the same issue as pee wee. low-level recordings / playbacks have hardly any faults, errors, pops, clicks, screams, etc. but turn the volume up on the input or output to a useable level, and the errors start filling up the system log and it's all downhill from there. i looked up my pci firewire card, to find the chipset: Part Number: SD-FW323-3I New: SD-LUC-4F Chipset: Agere FW323 Link/PHY i'm assuming that's confirmation that it's not the appropriate TI kind. what i'd like to know is two things: 1) what is meant by "at least Texas Instruments" .. what else works? what won't work? 2) are there other people out there who have had this issue and have solved it by replacing their firewire card with one that has a TI chipset? regards.
  4. Sound doesn't work VoodooHDA

    i have a vostro 200 as well, with the same onboard audio. i had it pretty nearly fully working directly after install (with iAtkos v7) but then i went and tried to tweak some things for my creative sound card and i ended up messing things up. so i'm on the path to getting the on-board audio back to nearly-fully functioning again (probably just reload the "drivers" from the iAtkos dvd) i'm pretty sure it's just a matter of installing a certain AC97 or ALC888 kext. more info soon, if you're interested.
  5. got this 'working' using the above advice (thank you so much!). however, i can only see ssid's that are on channel 1, which is pretty inconvenient, and i can't find any way to change the selected channel (that is, if i'm understanding the wlan application windows correctly). there's an advanced config section where it seems you can change all the usual settings for a wireless device.. except the channel, which is greyed out. ... any advice?
  6. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    thx for this thread. got asus en9600gt working on 10.5.6 update from old iAtkos install on a dell vostro 200. .. only trouble: this card needs a power supply, and it's outdated for this system *sniff* ah well, so far so good. great to see those "Supported" lines light up in the system profiler.
  7. leopard and 7800 gtx

    i'd like to try this card as well. found it for cheap. anyone have success with 7800 GTX in 10.5.x? i'd like to try this card as well. found it for cheap. anyone have success with 7800 GTX in 10.5.x?
  8. 9600GT 10.5.6 Resolution Switching issue!

    going to purchase this card today, with fingers crossed. i'm running iAtkos updated to 10.5.6 (or is it .7? can't remember, on a different machine now). at any rate (and at the risk of sounding like a noob despite the fact that i've edited plists and hex and swum through terminal to finally get the thing airborne), just wanted to ask for clarification of what's meant by the EFI string. is that the dev/vendor id string? cheers
  9. 10.5.6 on Abit KN8 SLI with GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB

    sorry, can you clarify that statement? thx
  10. ATI Radeon X300SE

    i found a cheap offer for one of these cards and was thinking of using it for my hackintosh. just wanted to check how you got it working. i'm running an iAtkos 5.1 install upgraded to 10.5.6. cheers!
  11. got the 10.5.5 seatbelt.kext after exact same problem mounting .dmg's after .5.6 update. everything's jake now. thx a mil!
  12. Intel 82562V-2 NIC + ICH9

    got the kext and tried to place it in System/Library/Extensions, but it says "...kext was not installed properly". never seen this error come up before, and i swear when i was running 10.4 i actually had the audio working! (i'm running iAtkos 10.5.2 at the moment) any help here would be greatly appreciated!
  13. works an absolute treat! thank you so much for this! and yes, one wonders how you knew what to add where... at least i'd be curious to know. at any rate: thanks a bil'! btw, in case anyone else is a relative nub like me, be aware that the mach_kernel file is invisible, so when you copy it to the desktop, you won't actually be able to 'see' it. but you can open your hex editor and navigate to the file through Open. also: it's probably worth it to reiterate byuu's instruction regarding one crucial element of the hex editing process: make sure the editor is set to Overwrite, not Insert! .. seems a no-brainer, but it's something i nearly missed when editing a different file, so i thought it'd be worth re-mentioning. then, instead of modifying my apple.Boot.plist as per your instructions above, i just saved my new file with a different name in the / directory (where the original mach_kernel is), then just chose that kernel at the boot to test it. in other words, i just saved my modded mach_kernel as acpikern in the same directory as the former, then, at the 'boot:' prompt, just entered acpikern. voila. i'm on a dell vostro 200 using iATKOS 2.0i. hope that can help someone who's attempting this. lovely fix
  14. Dell Vostro 200 : "waiting for root"

    duhh... i'm an idiot. forgot to do the hardware ID thing that i did with the other uphuck install. anyway, got it working with iATKOS 2.0i. on my vostro 200. after several hours' reading, including an insightful post by stevo, i was about to give up on getting the 82562V-2 10/100 NIC to work.. but then i came across some linux stuff that led to intel pages with binaries for the chip... gonna fool around with X Code tools see if i can compile something useable for OS x. also, i'm getting the MACH Reboot error thing at reboot, and the Hex edit from 10.4 doesn't work (at least, the data at the 0x8D2BB offset in mach_kernel doesn't match up with EBFE9090, so.... who knows). at any rate, now i know (read: remember) how to get past the 'still waiting for root device' on my machine. gonna try Leo4allv3 and see if it smooths out some of the erroneous shtuff. happy out.