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  1. I'm looking at picking up a core i7 5820k and a 2011v3 motherboard. Are any of these boards hackintosh compatible?
  2. Will this work with a Radeon 6950? On my current hackintosh I boot off of a SD card that holds my bootloader and files. So as a result I have no problem with system updates as the files I need are on the SD card and updates don't alter them. If I install the bootloader and files on the HD will system updates render the system unbootable?
  3. I already have my hackintosh running 10.6.6 and i'd like to mess around with snow leopard server. Is it possible to install it right on top of my existing install without messing with the nvidia kexts for my fermi card?
  4. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    updated to 10.6.5, installed nvidia drivers, shutdown, install 460GTX, reboot, working! Started right up at 1920x1200 though it says my card is unknown. So far it appears to work. I also run dual monitors and it works too.
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    How did you get it to work?
  6. Best graphic card for video editing

    The graphics card is really irrelevent if the software you are using doesn't support OpenCL or Cuda as then the video card wouldn't be doing anything. So first look into the software you are using. I use to use a 9800GTX and it worked fine with dual monitors. For CUDA you could look at Nvidia GTX 200 series. The 400 series is a bit problematic right now. For OpenCL the ATI 5000 series ia a good choice.
  7. Perfect Hackintosh?

    Mine is 100% compatible. Everything works and full updates. Spec in sig. I had my previous hackintoch on leopard working fully too. Core2Duo e6600, DFI Infinity 975x, ATI Radeon x1900xtx
  8. OSX 10.6.3 Blu Ray support

    Mine works fine. I use it to rip movies.
  9. Is there a file I can add that to so I don't have to type arch=i386 every time the system boots?
  10. My install is setup to use 64bit kernel and kexts but I have a piece of hardware that only has 32bit drivers. How can I tell snow leopard to use 32bit kexts?
  11. Yep, I did all that. No go. I could not boot all all. Replaced with your extra and boot file and ran pfix. Several times. It just would not boot. I'm using an existing install of SL. Maybe it works if I do a clean install of the system with your files. Or maybe I have a bios setting off. But that's fine. I have pieced together my own magic stick and it works great. It doesn't bother me to have to use more kexts. I had 100% functionality in 10.6.2 just following the guide on the front page. The only issue was performance was poor. Now performance is much improved. I'm use to hackintosh's. Been running them since Tiger, then leopard, then snow leopard. Set up several buddies with it as well. I know my way around OSX. But there is something unique about my machine that is preventing your files from working on their own.
  12. So I had to use transmac to delete the files I installed in OSX and then I could boot in using my old magic stick. Next I tried to create a new magic stick following the guide but using fleebaileys files. The resulting magic stick would give me a kernel panic every time. Also your appleHDA.kext would not work for me. I went back to the one included with the guide on the front page and it works fine. So I spent some time piecing files from fleebailey along with files from the guide until I came up with something that boots I use fleebaileys files but also have to keep the appleRTC.kext from the guide. I can't boot without it. I've spent the night trying just this file or just that file and found the only combination of files that work. Took me hours of trial and error but that's what I came up with. Edit- Just had to edit my post to clarify/update some info after more trial and error.
  13. I used my magic stick once I got the blinking cursor. It's the only way I could even attempt to boot. That's when it told me it had a appleHDA issue and it would proceed no further. At least by deleting it I got alittle bit further in the boot. I don't have any extra stuff in S/L/E, at least nothing I have personally added. All the custom files I was using were all on my magic stick. Everything. Didn't have anything installed in snow leopard itself aside from the previous appleHDA kext. Unless you are referring to all the stuff that was installed there by the SL install disc? I'm sure I probably did something wrong somewhere. I put the extras folder as well as the boot file on / And then appleHDA kext in System/Library/Extensions and then ran that pfix file.