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  1. I'm just reporting that it's all still working well with Mojave on the T20, in case anyone else is thinking about it, that's all. I'm not requesting help
  2. Hello folks. Just spent a day upgrading my T20 from Sierra to Mojave - well by upgrade I mean I swapped in a new SSD and did a fresh install, I wanted to be able to stick the old SSD back in if I couldn't get it working! Seems to have all gone ok using DSDT/SSDTs from @e60 / @MaLd0n that were previously linked to in this thread, I didn't have to do anything special (I used the v2 DSDT for the deeper sleep). I did have one freeze of the desktop during use yesterday but haven't encountered it again, will post here if it comes back.
  3. Hi there, I haven't had any issues recently apart from a few kernel crashes due to the IntelMausiEthernet driver (I have the latest v2.2 installed) but I installed your latest DSDT (v1) and SSDTs anyway - all looking good so far. I haven't had any crashes related to the iGPU, well as far as I know I haven't anyway. Let me know if there is anything I should look out for or if you want me to test anything. Thanks again to both of you.
  4. The graphics card is an Asus - this one. I used it because I had it spare but the way the screen behaves (going black and flashing back on briefly every so often) it feels as though it is a compatibility issue. I haven't tried it again since I got the internal GPU configured properly. Thanks.
  5. No problem, I will go back to trying the Nvidia card when i get more time, for now I am happy with things the way they are. I tried version 1 of your DSDT and it works well. Can I ask, what are the SSDTs for that you previously included? I haven't used them and wonder if I should? The only thing I spotted (so far) that isn't right is that my memory is being incorrectly reported as 1777MHz in about my mac (it is 1600MHz and is listed as that in the BIOS info). It doesn't really matter if it isn't causing any issues but I was wondering if any of your other corrections address things like this. Thanks to both of you for working on this!
  6. Hi there e60, I must apologise for hijacking your thread - and it seems that I need to go away and learn a lot more before posting. I hadn't installed FakePCIID and after doing so now have the internal GPU working properly. BTW, I was using HDMI with the Nvidia card - it also has two DVIs but they don't work at all, which I sort of expected. Thanks for getting back to me - I'll be sure to start a new thread when required
  7. Hello again. I got my T20 but haven't got too far in setting it up as I've bashing my head against the wall trying to get the GPU to work. Everything I have read indicates that the GT640 should work OOTB but I can only boot with nv_disable=1. Without it, I do get a login screen at the correct resolution for a few seconds, then the screen starts flickering on and (mostly) off. It isn't switching on and off at a constant rate, it is random and sometimes some artifacts appear. It hasn't crashed though, I can login or shutdown if I am quick. I tried an El Capitan installer USB stick and when it gets to the first install screen it does much the same thing (expect it is on more than off but it a similar effect), so I don't think it is a Sierra issue. I am starting to wonder if the card is incompatible with the T20 although on paper there shouldn't be a problem - so far I only have a single SSD installed so there shouldn't be much power draw. Anyway, I tried reverting back to the internal GPU and it is pretty much flicker free - although it does not appear to be providing hardware acceleration as some screen refreshes are slow. Compared to my Elitebook 2560p (HD3000) it is a lot slower. Is this expected or is it working natively for you e60? I tried out your config.plist and DSDT but I may not have gone through all the correct steps, I am fairly new to the whole SSDT/DSDT customisation process. I have been reading up on it but haven't got my hands dirty in the way you folks have. I tried out your config.plist (I updated the SMIBIOS with a new serial) and added your DSDT - is that correct, can I use the DSDT as it is? Have you got HD4600 hardware acceleration working or did you recommend the GT 710 for this reason? On paper they both benchmark about the same, so I'd rather not purchase it unless I have to. Thanks again! EDIT: Forgot to add, system information shows that the HD4600 has 7Mb RAM...
  8. No problem e60, thanks for the update. Hopefully I can get some time to get started on it this weekend.
  9. I couldn't wait and ordered one up anyway, looking forward to some tinkering. Also found a spare GT 640 GPU (doesn't need separate power) so will try and get that going in it as well. Will update if I get anywhere, or if I don't
  10. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to post this. I currently have an HP Elitebook running El Capitan but the fan is super noisy when its under load, so I am thinking about putting together a desktop system. With the current rebate/cashback on the T20 it makes it a very affordable way to run macOS; I found your post whilst searching around to see if anyone had attempted this yet. So how well is it working for you now, is it all good? Just wanted to be sure before I order one up! I can see you've only updated about this recently, so appreciate that it may still be a work in progress. Thanks!