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  1. W0utR

    inputremapper and games

    I played a whole time knight online without inputremapper installed. But a few hours ago i installed inputremapper and now i can't play knight only anymore. I can't type anymore or move my mouse arround.
  2. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    it doesn't work here. I also tried parallels tools, but that doesn't work either
  3. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    thank you, but i can't paste them in the drivers map.
  4. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    can somebody maybe post this file so i can put it back where it belongs? I can't do anything anymore on my windows file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\InputRemapper.x86.sys
  5. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    i deleted that file, but now i can't do anything anymore. I think i need to reinstall the drivers on the leopard install CD. But i don't have the cd here, is there any chance i can download the files onlne?
  6. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    i installed this one: InputRemapper_1_0_04_Release.exe i mean: i tried installing, when i'm half way the installation i get the blue screen again
  7. W0utR

    input remapper and vista

    Hello, yesterday i upgraded from XP to vista, but now when i want to turn my touchpad off i get a bleuscreen saying something about inputRemapper.exe.sync.