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  1. Project: HacBox360

    I mostly followed this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197516 I had 10.5.8 running on one of my other laptops and bought the retail disk to do the install.
  2. save imac g4 project

    Great work, very nice mod. To install OSX on that machine go here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197516
  3. The Goal: Hac'ntosh based xbox 360 That you can tell isn't a 360 unless you look at the back The Hardware: V1 Xbox 360 Case I am using the OEM Sata "enclosure" that the 20gig hard drive was in I would like to use the OEM power supply, but it only has 12V rails and a "temporary 5V" which is used as a soft switch, for my motherboard I need 12v, 5v and 3.3v. Zotac IONITX motheboard, with built in wifi and pci-x expansion 4GB DDR2 800 HDD 120GB HDD from my XBOX ELITE (I upgraded it to a 250gb hdd, I do have a bigger sata hdd laying around but this adds to the fun of the mod for me) Optical drive: Asus external usb BD-ROM. (mounted internal) Dell Optiplex 100W PS SL 10.6.2 *Everything works The Dual Core Atom 330 usually runs at 1.6ghz but I currently have it running at ~2.0ghz usually without a fan. This thing doesn't produce much heat which is nice, I would like it to be as quite as possible when finished so I might end up only having one small fan. Hopefully you won't be able to hear it. The over clock did help the performance a little bit but this was never intended to be a fast machine, but its good enough to "screw around on". HDD mod: Although I do have a sata adaptor for an xbox 360 hdd, I decided to just route a sas cable setup I have laying around. This mod was pretty easy, remove the 360 / sata adaptor and break off to off the stand offs from the top of the "enclosure". Here it is running with a thermaltake PS I had laying around. Here is a shaky crapy video of it running After filming that, I noticed the temps just kept getting hotter and hotter till it leveled off about 60 deg c. While running out in the open without a fan on it was only getting up to about 40 so I knew it was simply an airflow issue. I remounted the fan, and boom, much cooler temps, blowing the air out the vents above the motherboard seems to work fairly well, although I think I will probably go for an even better solution in the future. Here are pics of how it sits now. The to do list: Power LED that looks like one controller is on or maybe even better the RROD. Power Switch that works in the OEM xbox power button spot. Mount BluRay drive Add front access usb ports in the OEM location Eventually this will replace my current htpc, and I plan on adding a pci express tuner card in addition to my current usb one. When I do that I'll probably end up loading Windows, but till then this is my little Hacntosh.
  4. Last night I did this and everything worked fine. Well at first I was trying to install via usb, but I followed this guide to a T and it boots up great, I setup the user and everything and installed programs. The software update popped up so wanting to update the aircard and a few other things so I let it update then it went to reboot and it gets to: "Loaded HFS+ file: [system/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist] 479 bytes from 4253360" And that is as far as it gets. I figured maybe the updates caused this so I started over, reformated, reinstalled and booted back up. I again configured some things and then put it to sleep. When I came back it would not wake up, so I powered it off and now it is stuck at the same error. I would really like to get using this system but if I can't ever reboot it then what good is it? ***** EDIT****** Seems my issue was with Chameleon, I reinstalled, recopied over the ionitx v2 files and all seems well
  5. Is there no way to get it to boot via usb? I only have a laptop with leopard on it, I guess I could go buy a drive enclosure and do it that way.
  6. I've got the compaq, everything works but the wifi. If I'm missing something on getting the wifi working will you let me know?
  7. Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    Solder a usb wifi card into the laptop?
  8. I found a solution to my issue, I installed it without the intel drivers and its working fine now, looks like the only thing I need support for now is the wifi card.
  9. I just got a C762NR (Best Buy $400 laptop that went on sale today) Anyway I'm getting a blue screen after install, sound starts playing etc but its just blue, so I figured I would hook it up to a 2nd monitor to see if it had been set to primary. I tried the following to no avail. Notes: if you have problems on reboot with video gfx (blue or black screen) All you have to do is just press F8 at Darwin's prompt and then type -s (single user mode) then at root type mount -uw / and /movevideodrivers then it will be prompt to move video drivers by class ( nvidia ; ati ; or intel gma) voila! type yes to confirm or enter to skip ! Any thoughts?
  10. Dell Inspiron 1720, OS X compatible?

    I just got a vostro 1700 (same thing as a inspiron 1720) anyway so far I keep having ACPI panics. Let me know if you get it figured out.
  11. EVGA nforce 680i?

    grrr.... I need a dif copy of vista if I want to use all 4 gigs of ram and now I can't install osx lol There are allways issues
  12. I am building my new machine tonight / tomorrow. I would like to run OSX on it if at all possible. But I don't want to download a bunch of dif images, so if somone has a setup like mine could you point me in the right direction? Specs as follows EVGA 680i mobo model 122-ck-NF68 Intel E6600 cpu 4 gigs of ddr2 ram sata raid msi geforce 8800gts sata optical drive Think I will have issues? If so what will I need to look out for? Thanks guys.
  13. Who is Mash?

    You are Bob Saget aren't you?
  14. Sorry to be a smart ass but : MacBook I was on the look out for a laptop that would work well with osx as my gateway wouldn't cut it. So I spent a little more and got this (used student discount)