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  1. Interesting, that's very helpful. Regarding the KP's I have a custom DSDT I assembled but nothing to do with the CPU, only USB/SATA/etc. fixes
  2. I can't seem to get c-states working. It is enabled in BIOS and I get the "c-states created successfully" message on boot but if I remove CPUPM disabler I get a KP. P-states seem to be generated correctly (see PerformanceStateArray) Q6600/GA-P35-DS3R/BIOS F13 Any ideas?
  3. Here's my IOreg dump if it helps. 8800GT (running two DVI monitors) flashed to cyclonefr provided BIOS which definitely has fixed my mouse lag problems. ioreg_output.txt
  4. Here's a copy of the ISO I used successfully. It's just FreeDOS + nvflash & the mp8800gt.rom file. For people who are too lazy to inject the file themselves: http://sharebee.com/be3ee459 (again, use at your own risk)
  5. Just glad my card still works. Uploading a copy of the ISO with the files already injected would be pretty handy if people don't want to screw around with ultraiso.
  6. Yeah don't worry I'll try re-flashing it. Thank god I've still got my old Diamond Stealth II PCI card (4MB VRAM baby!) I booted into UBCD then used the included FreeDOS. So, uh... don't do what I did! This looks like the proper way: http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/in...hp/t639884.html Also where's the USB boot stuff? I don't see that mentioned in the linked post :S Even more: Do you still need EFI strings with a "real" (flashed) card? Update: Flash went fine using method linked from Neowin. Card is back from the dead Booted back into OSX without changing anything (aside from re-enabling AHCI) and everything seems fine.
  7. Just killed my card trying this, I think running nvflash with EMM386 loaded is not a good idea. Whoops! Or maybe it only likes running off floppies. Mine was a Gigabyte 512MB 8800GT with the 1024k flash.
  8. Just confirming I have exactly the same setup and get the same issue (4gb vs 8gb)
  9. Thanks, this is very useful. Quick question, does the included Jmicron ATA patch fix the random kernel panics with 4GB+ of RAM problems? I tried it briefly and had no problems, just wondering if it's fixed or not.
  10. Well sound doesn't seem to be perfect but it's definitely better using my Xonar USB card now. Far less noises. Has anyone tried the 9.4.0 kernel?
  11. Holy {censored}, I've been having constant problems with crackling/popping noises on ANY soundcard I've tried (USB,FW,onboard) so I'm about to try this and will be extremely happy if it works!
  12. I just noticed that even after deleting the kext file and rebuilding kext cache I still get this upon boot! HDAEnabler: Copyright (c) 2008 by Kabyl HDAEnabler: 05/05/2008 Added SPAudio support:Taruga Anyone know how I can remove this?
  13. Tried this with my 889A and it seemed to work but everything sounded terrible, almost zero bass output! I'll wait for another release but back to ALCinject for me which works fine.
  14. I have the same setup and also get audio glitches, which kernel should I try to test if that's the issue? I've got a copy of the modbin kernel (included with kalyway 10.5.3 update) I guess I'll see if that helps.
  15. I have that card working perfectly on my Kalyway Leopard install (10.5.2). I thought I had no problems with the card out of the box (it uses core audio, no drivers needed) HOWEVER after a while the audio went all crackly and awful. After looking around it seems to be a common problem with AppleFWAudio.kext (even on legit macs). I found an older version of that kext and everything seems to be ok now. Try this version of the kext here . Install with kext helper or whatever.