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  1. I am currently trying to write a GPUDisabler kext to completely shutdown the NVidia Card. Still learning Driver Basics OSX . This should lead to a much better Battery runtime.
  2. Hi IDPPioneer, yeah the reverse would be really nice but the first big step for me would be to be able to switch off my Nvidia. I have found the Acpi on/off calls. I tried to hardcode the NVOP Call in my _DSM but it doesn't seem to be called. Could you perhaps help me out to get this Disabler working ? Here is the link : https://lists.launchpad.net/hybrid-graphics...x/msg00663.html
  3. Ok, I tried with removed AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement but still get the same result "voodoopstate warning unloaded"
  4. Okay fine, than I know I missed nothing ... Windows is only the Slave for my Lion :-) Nice journey till now than lets see if the force will be with us in the future. I will dive into DSDT next ... and perhaps the Nvidia-Disabler and PStateMenu could also be of some help
  5. I currently reinstalled to clean the mess I used the v5 L502x package form my L702x Optimus i5-2410m GT550m with FHD on 10.7.2 and the system is fully up and working nicely. I have speedstep (MSRDumper 8,11,14,20,27) etc. but the system still gets much hotter than in windows (its a bit better than all my own DSDT patching with Doix HD DSDT and no SSDT File) and I get about 2 hours with my 6-Cell Battery. Is that the current status with Speedstepping or could there be anything wrong I missed ? Does the Nvidia suck the Power ? Is it normal that no Fans are detected by K-Stat-i? TIA morbidangel
  6. Hi I can't get VoodooPState loaded it always tells me "Warning Unloaded" on boot up. Im on Lion 10.7.2 64Bit have Native Speedstep working and the tool would be a really cool enhancement to cool down my HackBook. I only added the voodoopstate.kext to S/L/E and keep getting the mentioned error on boot. Please help! TIA morbidangel PS: Or is there a slight chance that PStateMenu will be updated with Native Speedstep support?
  7. Sorry no success. Im in the same boat as myska. The DSDT from my Optimus / Dell L702x has no DOFF, GPUOFF, LCDD and _PS3. I have the HD3000 as GFX0 and Nvidia as PEGP but dont get further EDIT: I added my DSDT and hope that someone will help me with that or a hint what I have to do. DSDT.aml.zip
  8. dsdt.aml.zipIm getting much higher CPU Temps than in Windows with Speedstep enabled (MSRDumper) even Idle on my Dell L702x and Lion 10.7.2 could one of the DSDT Gurus have a look at mine. I read that here that such a Problem could be fixed via DSDT but it wasn't mentioned how. could one of the DSDT-Gurus here please have a look at it. Temps didn't change much with/without SSDT or auto generating P-States
  9. Thank you for all your hard work Doix. I tried without SSDT but my system still gets hot even in Idle (65° with Fan on) and MSRDumper reports 8 when doing nothing. Your 3TS-SSDT reduces heat a bit when in general use but above my 65° of course. I tried dumping DSDT with Windows and OSX , will try Unix now and hope that your upcoming SSDT Guide will get me further. Im using the newest Kext-Pack from macky_reddy and SuperIOFamily reports Device 0x85 0x18 unknown is that working for you or could that by part of my problem ? EDIT: Ok, got the temperature down with LPCB device-id Hack and self patched AICPUPowermanagement didn't know what exactly it was. Its not as cool as in Windows where I get my Liquid Ultra modded CPU down to 48°/53° in Idle without Fan by moderate Usage. In OSX now it sits at 51° Idle with Fan at Low but 60° in moderate use. Your 3TS-SSDT seems to wait longer before stepping up and really helps my system. I hope you will explain that in your SSDT tutorial because it would be very nice to get an even more cool/silent system.
  10. Does anybody know how to disable the Turbo States. I tried removing everything but one entry in SSDT for 800mhz on the 2410m but even then MSRDumper reports the system jumping from 8 directly to 26, 27 etc. ? EDIT: Im using the 3TS-SSDT
  11. NullCPUPowermanagement lets me boot up and I had success with the WLAN-Stick, Bluetooth via internal USB does not. I was able to get everything working, even without NullCPUPowermanagement for some minutes with adding static IRQ to my HPET but at the moment I dont know how to do it correctly.
  12. First I would like to thank you for all your nice achievements for the L502x/L702x and I am appreciating your upcoming Info about DSDT. Does your DSDT perhaps deal with USB Conflicts or could you help out in that area ? My Dell L702X (with 1030N Bluetooth internally connected via EHCI USB) conflicts with the Audio and connecting an compatible WLAN-Stick results in Kernel Panics, not fully booting or no Bluetooth anymore. And all the time the stick is recognized but not working.
  13. Hi Doix, great idea if that turns out to work... yiiha :-) Perhaps adding Duallink to DSDT also gets this a bit further : http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...67&start=90 As far as I remember Linux gives you the current tables. I started playing with my L702x 1080p 3000hd/GT550M yesterday and had one boot with your "beta dsdt fullhd" and smbios to 8,1 giving me qe/ci but no luck later after that. I reinstalled with Chimera, SMBIOS 8,1, NullCPUPowermanagement, IntelAHCI, GraphicsEnabler=No etc. but keep getting Kernel Panic with IntelCPUPowermanagement. Deleting that kext helps but than I am stuck around DSMOS has arrived. I thought deleting the GeForce Kext´s could help as it got GF100HAL loaded even without GraphicsEnabler but even then the hd3000 does not fire up correctly. Do you have any Idea what I could do or how to get the GT550m with QE/CI (Saw your links ath tonymacx86 but the translated chinese didnt help very much to succeed with that) ? Best regards Morbidangel
  14. iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD

    Everything is working great, clean system only needed voodoohda, nvidia efi string, broadcom wireless -, AHCI- and OHR-Patch. Gigabyte EP43-DS3L Q9550 @ 3,2Ghz 6GB DDR2 512MB 8800GT G92 1TB Western Digital SATA-II WLAN Belkin F5D7000 54g Thumbs Up!