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  1. Visit store.apple.com, theyre taking preorders now. Official release date - 28th of August! Jumping for joy!
  2. 2 versions of Snow Leopard?

    It looks like Macs that don't have 64bit EFI won't be getting 64bit kernel love. Even if they have a Core2Duo processor (My Macbook2,1 is one like that). Unless those macs get some kind of EFI update or Apple includes some kind of new boot.efi i don't see those Macs getting 64bit love. However, even tho the kernel will be 32bit, apps still run in 64bit mode.
  3. Well it does really seem that Core2Duo-without-santa-rosa are going to be stuck with a 32bit kernel. Too bad. But anyway, my build already states that Darwin is NOT beta, and ive been using this build for a while now, so i wont upgrade till the retail release i guess. What i care about now is that all the developers jump on to the 64bit bandwagon, so that i wont have to waste memory on 32bit libraries. iStat Menus, i'm looking at you!
  4. 10A411 in software update

    -New UI in Quicktime X, much cleaner and final-looking. -Larger font in Dock (for context menu). Much better this way -I had a bug in 402a : I couldn't drag some files out of the stack into the trash or into the desktop. In 411 this is fixed
  5. Safari Extensions?

    Run safari in 32bit mode (RightClick -> Get Info -> Run in 32bit).
  6. No Menucrackers (iStat included) or Safari plugins will load, since both need to be 64bit. I actually recompiled Clicktoflash, so now we don't have to load safari in 32bit mode I bet loading safari in 32bit mode (RightClick -> Get Info on Safari.app) will cause the web plugin of flip4mac to load, but i haven't tried. I also tried compiling Growl in 64bit. Almost got it, but some plugins don't work as expected :/ If anyone has the time/skill please recompile Scrobblepod - i can't get it to work at all :/ http://files.getdropbox.com/u/196370/Click...h.webplugin.zip
  7. I have access to a MacBook Pro, a MacBook (both Core Duo - Yonah) and maybe a Mac Pro. Will get the dumps soon.