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  1. Install Mac OS X Leapord on Gateway ML6732 laptop

    well since i have the same laptop i'll help you its VERY simple and i think that this is like the most compatible laptop ever. ok get um... ipc osx 10.5.6 at the usual places and install vanilla kernel dont select any video drivers or audio or network drivers oh make sure you select ps2 fix or keyboard or touchpad wont work let get vanilla kernel. ok for audio hda patcher with codec dump msg if you need the codec dump for video it came up automatically for me ci/qe hardware accelelerated for network its rtl 8187b for wireless get that from realtek website ethernet works auto i think havent tried. you have vanilla and everything working with this. only thing is havent gotten shutdown/restart to work and laptop runs hot edit: boot with -f to load kexts the first time or it will go to um... grey screen and be stuck there... also b0 is no bootloader i think to fix that you just gotta use chain0 along with windows bootloader i just reformatted my hd to mbr with disk utility and use windows bootloader with chain0 and it works perfectly for me
  2. Take One, Leave One

    rock cricket or baseball?
  3. hey happened to me too and i spent about 15 mins trying to get it out and almost broke my laptop.