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  1. arnold38

    Can't login to snow leopard

    Dude, I have the same problem here. Did you find a solution?
  2. All was working fine. The problems i think came when I tried to install with Pacifist Safari 4. Now I got a Quartz Framework error and Mail, PhotoBooth, Preview dosen't work at all. I tried to patch for cpuid, because I thought Safari might have installed sth not patched for AMD but didn't help. Here is a picture... Everything else works fine 3d, Quicktime etc... Anybody solved this problem somehow? p.s. I already tried to reinstall just the framework with Pacifist from the original distro I am running but no luck...
  3. arnold38

    Safari 4.0.4 and Leopard 10.5.1

    I know, I know, but Nothing newer works on my old machine... Only distro I could make work was Zeph's 10.5.1 However when I installed safari 4 with pacifist iTunes store worked like a charm, though Safari itself didn't start. That is why I thought there IS some way to make it work. I tried patching the package with AMD Patcher but seems cpuid is not the problem here.
  4. OK here is the deal. I am stuck on Zeph's Leopard for AMD 10.5.1. because of my old hardware. I wanted to install latest safari to use the iTunes Store so I did it with Pacifist. I guess the new version has somewhere a cpuid so I used Marvin's AMD utility to find it but no luck. Tried Applic. folder, System folder and even whole hard drive.... Anyone got idea how should I patch it to make it work. I can use other browsers but I really like Safari and I am used to it.
  5. I have a 10.5.1 working on my AMD but I am stuck with safari 3. I tried installing the new safari 4, but it says 10.5.6 required. Does anybody know a way to go around it and install it?I read about some method to use apple's development kit and re-do the installer package without the requirements but I am not sure if this will work
  6. arnold38

    Please Help me figure this out! =/

    it's quite hard to know if a certain release will work 100% on your hardware OTB. Just try try try. Since you are with AMD try iDeneb, or any older release that says AMD. Don't give up
  7. Hey I got my 10.5.1 working, and I found that AMD updater utility by Zephyroth, which downloads and patches official updates for AMD before install. So I was thinking can I use it to update my AMD Hackintosh without making it crash if I use it to update to the latest version?
  8. arnold38

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    YEAH BABY!!!!! Finaly a working Leo on my ol' {censored} pc:) I am in baby, but Now I am searching for propper driver anybody know a good working driver for fx5500?
  9. arnold38

    lost my TV out

    look for a thread called "Universal Geforce Installer" by Prawker. i got the driver from there
  10. arnold38

    low speed GeForce FX 5500, help

    is this on tiger or leopard cause I got tiger, and also do you have tv out working with these drivers?
  11. arnold38

    NVidia GeForce FX 5500 QE/CI + AGP Installer

    i have the same video fx5500 but under tiger. full QE/CI support but not tv out. also when running some games and the res. changes the monitor goes to sleep mode. I am stuck at 1280x1024(which is not bad actually) but when I try to run any game sometimes the res. goes {censored}
  12. arnold38

    EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    hey I know my card is old FX5500 but I am not quite good into adding stuff manually, so I would be glad if mine is inclluded too in the new version
  13. arnold38

    GeForce4 MX 420

    dude, U really gotta buy a new card I got a 128/128 bit fx5500 whch is {censored} old. but yours is older
  14. arnold38

    still waiting for root device?

    that is what I use NEC IDE DVD writer
  15. what exactly does this mean? Cause in 3 of 10 install attempts I get this error with uphack 1,4 and all of the leopard attmpts I made I get the same error?