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  1. Ciao ragazzi. Ho installato con successo al primo colpo (grazie al prezioso aiuto di un ragazzo geniale) Mojave 10.14.6 su un hardware comprato appositamente con l'intento di evitare grossi problemi con macOS. Dopo qualche ora di test posso dire che funziona tutto, ad eccezione delle USB 3.0. Qualcuno può aiutarmi a capire dove sbaglio e come posso far funzionare tutte le USB? La scheda madre, come da topic, è una Gigabyte Z170M-D3H Grazie tante!
  2. Z800MAC

    USB 3 non funzionanti su Gigabyte Z170M-D3H

    ecco a te, grazie. vorrei tentare di mapparmi le USB sulla base delle mie ACPI. mi basterebbe quello. EFI.zip
  3. Z800MAC

    USB 3 non funzionanti su Gigabyte Z170M-D3H

    Ciao! volevo ringraziarti davvero moltissimo per la disponibilità. ecco un aggiornamento: -ho aggiornato tutti i kext e clover bootloader ed è tutto ok. -ho sostituito FakeSMC con virtualSMC come da te suggerito, funziona tutto alla grande. ho anche inserito SMCProcessor ed SMCSuperIO ed ho anche tutti i sensori funzionanti con HWMonitorSMC2. -sono riuscito a far funzionare le USB con USBInjectall + port limit patch, ora però mi scontro con la mia ignoranza. ho provato a seguire la guida per mapparle tramite metodo alternativo basato sulle proprie ACPI, mi blocco all'inizio: "Estraiamo le nostre acpi tramite clover (il dump richiede che sia installato nella ESP) Premiamo F4 quando siamo nella GUI,per sicurezza che il dump sia corretto aspettiamo una trentina di secondi prima di avviare." Premendo F4 su Clover Configurator non succede nulla purtroppo. Da li, il vuoto. Grazie. EDIT: avevo anche chiesto quale fosse la via più sicura per aggiornare clover e quali driver potessi eliminare non usando FV2. ho fatto come il mio intuito suggeriva e fortunatamente entrambe le cose sono andate bene
  4. Z800MAC

    USB 3 non funzionanti su Gigabyte Z170M-D3H

    grazie moltissime. ricapitolando: 1. aggiorno i kext di acidanthera e quello LAN di Mieze 2. sostituisco FakeSMC con VirtualSMC. Domanda ignorante: che vantaggi avrò? 3. aggiungo USBInjectall, inserisco il port limit patch e mappo. Altra domanda ignorante: ho un totale di 8 porte USB (sei 3.0 e due 2.0), ben sotto il limite Apple dei 15. è quindi necessaria la mappatura?
  5. Z800MAC

    USB 3 non funzionanti su Gigabyte Z170M-D3H

    hai ragione. per me è un ragazzo prodigio, mettiamola così. più giovane di me, più informato di me. e programma pure! ti allego EFI. grazie mille. EFI.zip
  6. Z800MAC

    Blank GUI for VST Software in Logic Pro X

    First, make sure you use plug-ins in the Audio Units 64-bit format. Logic Pro X can work with 32-bit plugins only with the help of additional applications, for example 32 Lives. Secondly, choose the right channel line for using plugins. Of course, to solve such problems, you may need a professional support service. If you are interested in a support service, please do not hesitate to visit this site https://mindy-support.com/back-office-support-outsourcing-service
  7. Running Mojave, with 0x0166000a (this is the only way how to avoid washed screen, no brightness and battery sadly) + Lilu + Whatevergreen, without Intel GFX Inject. BT not working. Our main problem is proper DSDT missing, with BT and correct HD4000 implementation. I have no idea how to patch DSDTs.
  8. Dude RayFlower posted on second page, his Surface.zip archive with proper .dsdt (with working Bluetooth module), you can take a look, I am using it on Sierra without any problems. Anyway thanks.
  9. I tried update to Catalina beta3, but i cannot even update to Mojave or High Sierra... so i'm stuck at Sierra. Anyway everything is working as it should, even Bluetooth and display brightness (with Brightness app in tray).
  10. Is it safe to update to Catalina (beta)?
  11. Thanks, but there is broken links in OP, how can i download Mojave or Sierra install files (Mojave.app?)?
  12. Z800MAC

    OS X on HP DC7700

    hey! how do install kext on windows?
  13. Z800MAC

    Mojave su Asus K56CM

    Salve, anch'io posseggo lo stesso notebook, solo che ha un i7-3517u, una gt740m optimus hd4000 ed una atheros ar5b125. Tempo fa avevo installato mojave in uefi, ma all'installazione tutto bene, poi non riesco a far partire il sistema autonomamente anzichè con il supporto usb. Nel bios non mi da la possibilità di scegliere il boot uefi o legacy: devo installare tutto da capo con clover in legacy? Spero che qualcuno possa aiutarmi
  14. Z800MAC

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    @Slice I've tried to use your EFI settings on High Sierra and I've got still black screen (with nvidia optimus turned on). Only case when it works was when I added to boot nv_disable=1 what is kinda weak... BIOS A12 CPU: i7-3740QM
  15. On the HP Envy 17 J102SR Everything works perfectly on the Samsung 850PRO SSD I7 4702QM \ HD4600 \ 16gb RAM AR5B195 not supported at 10.14, but I installed the kext AirPort.Atheros40.kext and everything is fine I would also like to note that AudioInjector turned on 4 speakers! 2 upper and 2 lower. Athough to be honest, there are minor brakes in the lunchpad when you open large folders with applications. And there is no smooth decrease in brightness when going to sleep or getting out of sleep. How to disable the touchscreen? it is on HS13 and I’m not deleting this item in the SSDT, but instead adding a LeapMotion device, which I don’t need at all.
  16. Thank you @ntsmkfob, that did it! I gave up and am using a different keyboard without issues
  17. First and foremost thank you for the great help this community has put together in order to keep the QUO motherboard alive! Yesterday I decided to upgrade my old OSX 10.10.5 setup to 10.13.6 by following the bits and pieces throughout this thread and I was able to complete the upgrade successfully, however I now have two problems: 1) In the BIOS boot options I no longer see the Linux drive that I was able to select prior to the upgrade. When I through the process of upgrading I unplugged all additional drives and only left the one with OSX 10.10 plugged in. Note that after installing High Sierra I had to follow the instructions in the following comment in order to even get my High Sierra to boot, which is located on fs3. My LVM-encrypted Linux drive is on fs7. How can I boot into my Linux drive? I do see in the SATA configuration that it is properly connected. 2) My wireless keyboard mapping is quite strange as it appears that the FN key is now permanently pressed. For example, after QWERTY it outputs 456* for the keys UIOP, which I normally would have to press FN to get those values. This is the same behavior for all other keys which also have FN options. Thanks in advance for the help.
  18. Z800MAC

    Filevault 2 (FV2) with ps2 keyboard

    Thank you very much! I actually don't care if there are any special key combinations that won't work with this approach. I can live with a password that does not contain any obscure characters and I don't need to enter any commands, either. I just want to be able to restart the laptop without having to connect an external USB hard drive AND have the laptop encrypted. So once again, thank you very much for your work!
  19. Z800MAC

    FileVault 2

    Wow, that's great news! Thank you very much! Finally, I will be able to power up my Lenovo notebook without an additional USB keyboard. I hope you can soon post the source code so that I can add it to my custom Clover version.
  20. quit all hardware USB , try whit only keyboard USB and Mouse USB and try again here a bit of info and to test: If sleep/wake doesn't work at all, you can disable it in System Preferences / Energy Saver. If you only have problems after your machine has been sleeping for a long time ("standby" mode), try running the following terminal command to restrict it to regular "sleep" instead of allowing standby: Code: sudo pmset -a standby 0 && sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0 PMSET ALL #SLEEP PMSET: Mac Insomnia? Use pmset To Discover The Reason - The Mac Observer http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/osx_lion_pmset_shows_app_imposed_sleep/ man pmset info from Terminal or pmset —h pmset -g pmset -g assertions pmset -g everything pmset -g custom pmset -g log syslog | grep -i "wake reason" syslog | grep -i "wake" syslog | grep -i "wake reason" syslog | grep -i sleep sudo pmset autopoweroff 0 sudo pmset standby 0 sudo pmset -b displaysleep 1 • INVOKE: pmset -g getters • live • custom • cap • sched • ups • profiles • adapter • ps • assertions • sysload • log • history • historydetailed • hidnull • userclients • uuid • activity • rtc • getters • sudo atsutil databases -remove (clean caches all users fonts) • syslog | grep -i "wake" • sudo pmset -b sleep 5 pmset -g log syslog | grep -i sleep Pmset Hibernate mode 10.8 & 10.9 http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1532245 sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 #This command disables hibernate mode cd /private/var/vm sudo rm -rf * sudo touch /private/var sudo rm /private/var/vm/sleepimage sudo touch /private/var/vm/sleepimage sudo chflags uchg /private/var/vm/sleepimage
  21. try this app to check what is preventing your system to sleep Sleep_Check.app.zip
  22. YOU using bluetooth USB ? try to quit out , then reboot, then try put to sleep