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    CUDA 418.105 is out! (UPDATE 02/27/2019)

    im try rename to 378.10.10.10 not work. I'm use 10.3.1 beta2 (17B35a) You can help me
  2. dindu5678

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

    help me!. I am use MacBook Pro retina 2014 web driver WebDriver-378. not compatible 10.13.1 beta2 (17B35a). Why 117 work?. You have mod driver?.
  3. dindu5678

    CUDA 418.105 is out! (UPDATE 02/27/2019)

    it working . Thanks you
  4. i cannot get atheros QCa61x4 wifi to work bluetooth worked but wifi is not deteced is there a way to make it work ?
  5. I have an issue with my touchpad as well - but I'm using the mouse because of "its" weird behaviour - - i can't do right click or drag and drop things :-( is that normal ?
  6. Hi I'm trying to install OSX Sierra on my Asus z97 pro wifi AC. I remember that when I installed El Capitan there were 2 kext for enabling Wifi & BT easily. Now, in Sierra, those two kext don't work anymore and I don't know how to enable Wifi&BT. Can someone tell me how to enable them? Thanks
  7. dindu5678

    Asus Z97 Pro (wifi AC) wireless&BT driver

    I solved by following youtube guide
  8. Nice Job! Is internal Wifi and Type Cover working? Thanks