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  1. ok thanks. the dsdt patches that you are used are from which source? and please send the dsdt patch for my sound. I want to save it in safe place for future
  2. sleep now work well keyboard backlit & Fn keys not work (use dsdt patch in attachment please ) with iMac17.1 cpu work at lower frequency, is it normal? 13. Fn Key Patches.txt 15. Keyboard Backlit 16 Level Patch.txt
  3. I'm using CLOVER - rafigh89 - new at this time with MBP 13.1 CLOVER - rafigh89 -new.zip CLOVER - rafigh89 -iMac17.1.zip
  4. cpu works at high frequency in idle time. previous clover config (in attachment) needs to any changes? config.plist.zip
  5. Hi @Mald0n I changed SMBIOS from iMac17.1 to Mac Book Pro 13.1 because of some sleep issues with iMac17.1 but its seems that old DSDT/Clover (from iMac17.1) not work good with MBP 13.1 now I reinstalled clover and created a fresh acpi files. iI would be very grateful if you create new patched DSDT/Clover for me. and please send the txt files of DSDT paches then I will not disturb you the next time CLOVER - rafigh89.zip Send me MacBook Pro - rafigh89.zip MacBook Pro - rafigh89.ioreg.zip
  6. I added these lines to clover config, now which file, folder or log needs for report to Pike?
  7. With Pike SSDT Auto sleep fixed but high cpu frequency after wake not Sent from my Xperia SP using Tapatalk
  8. after 4 day with new clover folder every thing seems good and smooth but I have a problem with sleep. I disabled sleep in system preferences but laptop automatically goes to sleep after 2 min of inactivity and after wake from sleep cpu work abnormal (according to intel power widget) and after a while system will restart. CLOVER.zip
  9. mac os partition disappeared from clover boot loader. I cant boot[emoji52] Sent from my Xperia SP using Tapatalk Solved IntelBacklight kext not work. I test this new sets for some days to determine changes. Thanks a lot[emoji120] Sent from my Xperia SP using Tapatalk
  10. I installed ACPIBatterManager, appleALC, Lilu an USBInjectAll kext to Liberary\Extension. Should I remove them from Your clover folder?
  11. what is HWP? I would like to decrease laptop temperature because cpu fan is noisy. I solved this problem in windows by decrease cpu% state. I'll be very grateful if you suggest a solution