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  1. Behemoth Kat

    Laptop battery is shown now

    thank you man, i'll try tomorrow and report.
  2. Behemoth Kat

    ALC883 problem. Only Headphone works!

    i'm using attached drivers. During installation you should choose '883 - 6 ports'. But, anyway you should go to sound settings and switch manually between headphones and pc speakers. ALC883Audio.mpkg.zip
  3. Behemoth Kat

    WIFI on Asus Z71A

    Hey man, and what's about the f5d7050 v3 (Ralink chipset)? I have the Linksys WUSB54GC with the same chipset and have the same damned CRC error. Once I have succeed with connection but nothing did before (press connect many times and connect to router).
  4. Behemoth Kat

    WUSB54GC not working on Kalyway 10.5.1

    i got it to work using old RTUSB D70- D71W- UI- driver with corrected manually vendor and product id and 'cisco-linksys' device description.
  5. Behemoth Kat

    WUSB54GC not working on Kalyway 10.5.1

    Thank you, sir. I'll try it at the moment. BTW, how can I check my dongle revision? UPD: i have installed the driver, scan with USBwireless utility my AP but cannot connect to it. Looking to 'statistic' tab I find the packets successfully sent but 0 frames receved, all RX frames packet with CRC error...
  6. Behemoth Kat

    WUSB54GC not working on Kalyway 10.5.1

    did you solve it? i have a leo and tried both methods with no result
  7. Behemoth Kat

    Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    I have an WUSB54GC dongle, 10.5.2 leo4allv3 based hackintosh, downloaded all option drivers (prasys files, ralink + modified kext) and: - i can install all options w/o problem. It detected, new eth interface shown in netwpref, had configured manual IP, etc. - wirelessUSButility shows correct TX packets but noone was received correct. I've tried to switch off WEP, WPA, reset my wireless router without success Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
  8. okay.. so, I did it (delete the old eth profile, add the new one, apply, reboot) and had attached the log. systemlog.txt
  9. sorry, seems my message was not sound and clear. System boots without any problem and i'm using wire ethernet without freezes etc. When i open my 'network settings' i receive the message 'new network interface detected. To run please check settings and press apply' or something like that. I can go through the settings, check MAC address (it's exacly MAC of my 3945 card), even can set manual IP, gateway and bla-bla-bla. But pressing 'apply' causes freeze. No another deal PS. greetings from Kiev ))
  10. Enclosed plz find my log, looks like three parts inside. Three parts = three attempts. The first part - first time boot after i've installed iwi3945. The second one - first reboot. The third ones - the second reboot. All three part looks so different. No KP, no timeouts at all, but all times when i tried to press 'apply' in network setting the system results with freeze. PS: beginning the first boot with iwi3945 eth1 interface already presents in "network settings", so nothing was added by me. systemlog.txt